THE TREND: Denim on Denim for Fall

As I’ve said before, the best way to embrace fall in the south is to rock summer style in fall colors. That’s why the denim-on-denim trend works so well right now. You can layer for those brisk mornings, while prepping to look casually fine at Happy Hour. Below, I spotlight three outfits to inspire you to rock DENIM on Denim! Believe, it’s all the rage! Let’s get started:

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#WhatToWear: Inspired by #NYFW Fall 2017

I was really in my feelings about not attending New York Fashion Week this September! But I had to take those lowkey jealous feelings and turn them into something creative. So, I decided to check out some of my favorite NYFW street-style photogs and be inspired by fly fall style. NYFW (or any fashion week) is the perfect time to take a chance with fashion. Push the limit a bit, try something you’ve never tried, and add some FAB to your confidence. Get inspired by the looks below:

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MY STYLE: When you wear a $60 dress to see Zac Posen

Buy this dress at Belk – Click here I’ve attended the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show for the past three years. Every year I stress about what to wear. This is a very FANCY event and one of the marked events on Nashville’s social calendar. Listen, attendees SHOW-UP and show out for this event. I love watching the designs, only seen in magazines or on runways, … Continue reading MY STYLE: When you wear a $60 dress to see Zac Posen

5 ways to SAVE your BLACK LEGGINGS!

I was gonna start this post by saying, “it’s fall! The perfect time to wear leggings.” But, really, when is it not a good time to wear leggings? Especially BLACK LEGGINGS! I’m so happy people are finally over the whole ‘leggings aren’t pants’ slander. We can now focus on the important matters at hand, like finding leggings made by your fave retailer, and making those leggings last FOREVER.

I’ve been a lover of leggings for a long time. As a plus-size lady, my BIGGEST concern is thigh holes and shrunken leggings. Y’all! UGH! It’s so annoying and I know it happens to you too. I knew I had to be doing something wrong because my leggings weren’t lasting more than 90 days. I did my research and realized my mistakes. Of course, I had to hook y’all up with the tips & tricks. Read more below:

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Top: Target, Skirt: Goodwill, and Boots: Jessica London – see original post here Whoa! Where did the year go? Is it almost Christmas? Do I smell the tasty delights of Thanksgiving? Wow! Well, welcome November, we are happy to see you. In Tennessee, the leaves are falling, but the temperatures are still warm (don’t let that picture fool you). But, we’ll still keep the party … Continue reading HELLO NOVEMBER!

Halloween 2016: Fast, Fun, Affordable Halloween Style + Event

What do you wear for Halloween, when you don’t have a costume? I didn‘t grow up celebrating Halloween, and when we did got to Halloween parties, I was too shy to wear costumes. I know, weird! So, as I celebrated Halloween as an adult, I always came up with looks straight from my closet. So, I decided to come up with some outfit inspiration that … Continue reading Halloween 2016: Fast, Fun, Affordable Halloween Style + Event

MY STYLE: Plus-Size Homecoming Style

I shared my HBCU Homecoming outfit inspiration. But, I have to share my personal style with you. Listen, plus-size ladies love to ‘turn up’ too and we have the outfits to prove it! Of course, since I’m celebrating an HBCU Homecoming, the emphasis on FASHION is a big deal. Historically, black people have been the purveyors of style for the culture. Attending college is no different. We strive to be excellent in education and style. So when we return to celebrate being an Alumni, you know we are bringing our ‘A’ game.

Below, I share some of the looks you might see me rocking this weekend. Let’s get started:

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3 WAYS to wear white after Labor Day

(Updated 2018)

It’s the style question that never dies. Matter of fact, I think I’ve answered here and here but I wanted to show you some illustrations on how to wear white after Labor Day, especially if you live in a warm climate. Living in Tennessee, I know it’s so hard to transition.

Remember, white represents rebirth, vitality, and life – that’s why summer clothes are light and airy. Traditional summer looks like: sundresses, linen pants, sandals, pumps, and wedges, need to go into storage. But staple items can stay in your rotation, like:

  • blouses/cardigans
  • t-shirts
  • white jeans
  • some casual wear
  • some accessories

What you have to remember, when wearing white after Labor Day, is all about adding more fall colors to your look. You can’t wear ALL WHITE (you’re not on a boat) but adding your fave white piece to a fall ensemble works.

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#OOTD: What to wear on Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Any day deveoted to showing love is a reason to celebrate. So why not dress up? I’ve created these outfit inspirations for you! Wondering what to wear for Valentine’s Day? I got you covered! I’ve combined some of my fave trends to make you look cute, lady-like, or BOSSY for Valentine’s Day. As always, click the picture … Continue reading #OOTD: What to wear on Valentine’s Day 2014