VLOG | Convos with Tisha Campbell

A couple week’s ago I attended an inspiring event at Lipscomb University. Actress, Tisha Campbell, was invited to the university to speak on her career. Many know her as Gina, from the TV show Martin, but Tisha Campbell has a long and historic career in Hollywood. She’s been in the entertainment industry for more than 40 years, winning her first talent competition at the age of  seven.

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The entertainment media studies department, headed by Professor Natasha Johnson, completes a class assignment that involves planning and producing a community event that invites a celebrity to the city. The students did an amazing job, even when the guest list moved to more than 200 attendees. It was so exciting to visit the campus and listen to Tisha talk about her career, motivations, and inspiration. Of course I had to vlog it! I even give you a glimpse into my life with some fun commentary:

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Hello October! Back to Blog Basics

Um, Hello October! How’d you sneak up on me? I’m happy to report that it was actually CHILLY last night. Oh yes! Fall weather is on the way to Tennessee. With the return of cool weather, that means less time out in the streets and fashion events start to die down as the holiday season gears up. This change allows me more time to focus on quality content.

It’s back to blog basics over here! I’m proud that I was able to put out FOUR videos on the VLOG this month, with MORE to come. I’ve posted three times a week on the website. And, I’ve successfully given y’all weekly newsletters! Listen, don’t even discount my posts on INSTAGRAM; I’ve been giving you LOOKS! So, expect more quality coming from FabGlance! I’ve finally found my grove and I’m not turning back.


So, what can you expect this month>

  • HBCU Homecoming Events – So, it’s my school’s Homecoming month and the start of college homecoming events across the US. You know I got a homecoming lookbook coming for you! Check out last year’s looks!
  • COLLABORATIONS – I have a collaboration coming up with FORM Beauty, Private Label Extensions, and some secret ones I can’t tell you about yet! Just make sure to read the blog to see what’s popping! Wanna partner with me? Check out my PARTNER PAGE then send me an email! I’d love to share your product/event with my readers.
  • 100 Days of Fitness – Yeah, I talked about it last month. Even made it to 14 days. Then, I had oral surgery, a bit of financial distress, and just overall stress, so I stopped. BUT you can always dust yourself off and try again! Let’s do it!
  • #ONEMILLIONFOLLOWERS – Yeah, I’m still on that! I’m on a quest to get One Million Followers across all social media platforms (combined)! Will you be my friend on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube?
    • I’m just shy of 10K across all platforms – lets get me 1000 more this month!

So, that’s what’s happening on Fabglance.com! What are your goals for the month of October? Let’s talk about it in the comments section!

VLOG | Follow Me to the Odysseo – Cavalia Show in Nashville

Y’all! Y’all! Y’all! Go see Odysseo – Cavalia! I have to admit, when I was contacted by the Odysseo team, I wasn’t too hype to see the ‘fancy horse show’. If you live in Nashville, you’ve seen the, almost, cryptic banners, posters, signs, billboards, and yard signs, telling you that Odysseo by Cavalia is the ‘GREATEST show you’ll ever see’. Seriously, I was over it. But then . . . GIRL, I saw the show! It IS THE GREATEST SHOW YOU’LL EVER SEE! Let’s talk about it!

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Hello September! Fall is on the way!

Dude! Month NINE! September already! Wow! The older we get, the faster it goes. I went HARD this summer with #ShowYourArms and #NashvilleCurves, so it’s time for me to go underground; we got some projects for the holidays!

Get this SUPER-THICK t-shirt HERE

Y’all already know that I am READY to rock-steady with fall 2017, I already started my Pinterest board. So, what’s happening on FabGlance this month? Well, it’s gonna be a chill month, no lie. I have to appear at some events coming up – so you’ll get lots of VLOGS! Better be following me on YouTube. Of course, there’s a couple brand collabs coming this month because I love telling you guys about new stuff.

Anyway, check out what’s poppin’ this month:

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5 Ways You CAN help Houston, SCAM-FREE!

I’m sure we’ve all read the horrible stories of our friends recovering from the Hurricane Harvey and it’s horrible floods.  The loss of life, luxury, and living space is one that no one can imagine until you experience it. Back in 2010, Nashville experienced a horrible flood too; nothing like the one in Houston but bad enough. So, I remember what it felt like to watch my friend receive help from charities.

I wasn’t affected by the floods, but I was able to lend a hand. I remember donating money to my favorite charity, the Salvation Army, and I started a diaper drive at my church. Although, I’m not in Houston, I couldn’t watch the news reports and read the social media timelines without offering my help.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Reece of WFAA-TV

Below, I’ve listed several TRUSTWORTHY scam-free charities (that aren’t the Red Cross) that are on the ground helping the people of Houston. From diaper drives, clothing drive, and places to donate money, the list below has been compiled with care in hopes that you’d share a bit of the coins in your stylish purse.

Convoy of Hope – This organization has their feet on the ground. The money you send is going STRAIGHT to the residents of Houston. One of my fave charities.

Texas Diaper Bank  – This organization collects diapers, formula, and educational essential that are often looked over during tragic situations. The link goes straight to the organization’s amazon wish list. So you see EXACTLY where your money is going.

The Greater Houston Community Fund – Set in Houston, this organization has been involved in the community for several years and have already started delivery funds to communities in the area.

Houston Humane Society – We can’t forget the pets! The Houston Humane Society has published their wish list for the 1000’s of pets found after the hurricane. You can send a monetary donation to help the shelter stay open and help the fur-babies.

Texas Children’s Hospital – Although most hospitals are up-and-running after Hurricane Harvey many need lots of supplies and funds to pay staff. The children’s hospital is looking for donations to help young people who were injured during the floods.

Just like I did my googles, you can do yours too. But, these are the trusted sites for making sure you funds go straight to the victims. Remember, if you don’t have the money to give today, the residents of Houston will need TONS of help in the months to come. Budget your funds, maybe send a couple bucks a month to help your favorite charities.


VLOG | Follow me to the 2017 Black Music Honors Red Carpet

Last week I was invited to cover the Red Carpet for the 2017 Black Music Honors! Listen, I’m not gonna front, your girl was kinda hype! I’ve met a couple of celebrities in my life, the best of which was Whitney Houston (maybe I’ll do a YouTube video about that), so it’s hard for me to get too hype about talented people. But, the Black Music Honors, is an amazing new program that celebrates the achievements of black people in black music. When we get the chance to honor each other on a large stage, we should really be happy about it.

FullSizeRender 36
The 2017 Black Music Honors stage

That’s why I dusted off my camera skills and hopped on that red carpet. Back in the old days of FabGlance (when I was Fab Glance Nashville) I covered way more celebrity stories, events, and red carpets. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, I love me some celebrity gossip but there’s more than enough outlets that cover gossip. But, when I have the chance to cover celebs doing amazing things (and I can be there in person), I gotta be on that carpet!

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EVENT: Finding Ashley Stewart Nashville Plus Size Model Search

Plus-Size retailer, Ashley Stewart is looking for the an amazing woman to be their next model! Is that you? On Saturday, August 12, at 1pm the Ashley Stewart team will host a plus-size fashion show and model search at The Mall at Green Hills. 

The event starts at 1p, but model registration begins at 12p. Participants are asked to come READY TO SLAY. That means, have you makeup done, your outfit selected, and an amazing attitude! I’ll be in the building to help choose a winner! I’m so excited to see what Nashville has to offer! 12 semi-finalists will walk the runway, receive a $50 gift certificate from Ashley Stewart, and receive a super swag bag sponsored by Creme of Nature and IMAN cosmetics. 

Don’t want to rock the runway? No worries! Come join the audience, and cheer for your fave. There will be tons a giveaways, prizes, and amazing fun. This is truly a great time for curvy Nashville to unite … with style! I hope to see YOU there! 

YOUTUBE: I won an award! Nashville Black 40 under 40!

Hey everyone! Guess who’s sticking to her posting schedule and attempting to give you all the content! YA! This week, we have new VLOG! Follow me to the Stay on the Go Magazine, Black ’40 under 40′ awards. I will continue to thank you for voting for me to win this award. It felt really good to be acknowledged by my peers. It’s only upward from here.

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MY STYLE: When you wear a $60 dress to see Zac Posen

Buy this dress at Belk – Click here

I’ve attended the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show for the past three years. Every year I stress about what to wear. This is a very FANCY event and one of the marked events on Nashville’s social calendar. Listen, attendees SHOW-UP and show out for this event. I love watching the designs, only seen in magazines or on runways, be worn by Nashville’s fashionable residents. That’s why I’m always a bit intimidated when deciding what to wear to this event.

But thanks to using my gut, I found a cute look for a very low price. Check it:

Dress by Julian Taylor, purchased at K&G Fashion –  purchase here

I scored this adorable cocktail dress from K&G Fashion! I know, right! K&G isn’t a store you’d think to shop at for a look. The store is very unassuming and even the website doesn’t give you much to go on. But the K&G store in Nashville is plenty large. The selection is  . . . interesting, but you’d have to have a keen eye to find what you want. Luckily, I did the hard work for you. This Julian Taylor dress is available at Belk.

With most of the attendants wearing designer labels, it’s crazy to know that I found a cute dress for less than $100. No matter what other’s are wearing, as long as you feel comfortable and gorgeous in your look it doesn’t matter. That’s why I could wear a $50 dress to see one of the best designers of 2017. Never be embarrassed when you know you look your best (and you saved some coins).

photos by Patrick Webster