STYLE: It’s #NationalLipstickDay! 

Rocking, RUBY WOO, one of my faves!

I had to pop in to let you know that today, July 29, 2017, is NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY! Listen, I don’t know who comes up with the fun holidays, but I’m here for celebration. Apparently, so is MAC cosmetics! In celebration of #NationalLipstickDay, MAC is giving away a FREE full size lipstick to any customer who comes in the store, no purchase necessary! (while supplies last, participating stores only)
MATTE ROYAL, by MAC is a fave too!

I love a good lipstick! Sometimes that’s all you need to make your day a bit brighter! You better RUN to your nearest MAC counter and get you a good one! Let me know which is your favorite lipstick, in the comments section. 
(Source: MAC cosmetics, twitter)

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands

When I saw these platform mules from Strategia, I knew I had to create a look! These mules are giving me UPDATED late 90’s vibes and I am HERE for it. I love a shoe that can give you a bit of height, but still be comfortable. So, I came up with this cute summer look to inspire you to run your errands in style!

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS end up running into someone I know (or someone I want to know better) when I’m looking busted and disgusted. So, I’ve been trying to make an effort to look a bit cuter when I’m out & about. I’m going to take my own advice, and find a similar look like the one above. You know I’ll post OOTD’s on my IG and on the blog!


#WhatToWear: Summer Errands
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#WhatToWear: Summer Vacation Cuteness

#WhatToWear: #FourthofJuly Fly!
‘I Love GOLD’, this look is all about a girl who love attention!

Right on time for this four day weekend, I had to give you some Summer Vacation outfit inspiration. I usually do a Fourth of July post, with a ‘red, white, and blue’ theme but I thought, “How cliche!” No fashionista I know would be THAT corny, but we do love adding elelments of the holiday in our otherwise cute looks. So, I decided to give you some non-traditional summer looks for your vacations and extended weekend trips.

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#WhatToWear: Summer #DayDate

This first look is casual and chic. I tried hate on the sudden Gucci love, but I LOVE these GG Marmont purses. I wanted show how you can rock a luxury bag with chill laid back accessories. And, y’all know how I love a New York Yankees fitted! I just think this look is so fly and fab.

#WhatToWear: Summer #DateNight

Maybe this post should be called, “I tried not to like it, but now I do” – LOL! But I tried not to fall into the whole ‘rose gold’ and ‘blush pink’ vibe, but it looks SO good! I pulled these pieces for a cute summer Date Night look and/or girls night out event. And yes, it’s another Gucci bag! But DOGGONE IT their PR company must be working overtime because I’m in love! Oh yeah, get into denim skirts, they are the JAM!

#WhattoWear: #summervacation swimsuit cute

This last look is for the pool. Well, brunch, then the pool. I’m loving the trend of embellished flats for the summer. Finally, we can take off the heels and still look cute. I’m telling you, get a pair of cute flats/slides, your feet will thank you.

So, I hope these outfits will help you look great this summer. Let me know how you will be spending your summer vacation.

#WhatToWear: Graduation Day Style

#WhatToWear: #Graduation 2017 - Look 1
Simple Glam!

It’s that time of year, it’s GRADUATION TIME! Congratulations to all the graduates! You did your best (or you barely made it) either way, you are walking across that stage! Of course, I have some style inspiration for those of you asking, ‘What to Wear’ to the ceremony! As a personal stylist (hire me) I believe in planning your day, dressing for the occasion, and staying comfortable as you stay chic!

So, here are my TOP TIPS for Graduation Day Style. Of course, click any photo for shopping links. Let’s get started:

  1. Please steam your cap & gown before the big day. Nothing is worse that taking photos with those package wrinkles jacking up your style!
  2. Make sure your dress or skirt IS NOT longer than your graduation gown. During the ceremony, you want the focus to be on your cap & gown.
  3. For the ceremony, wear BLACK, closed toe pumps with your cap and gown. I know, sounds boring, BUT you’ll thank me when you get your photos back. It just looks more professional and perfect for the occasion. If you don’t wear black, stick to CLOSED TOE shoes, not sandals.
  4. Speaking of shoes, make sure you know WHERE the ceremony is taking place. Inside ceremonies are great because you can wear any type of heal you’d like. Outside affairs call for a block or a wedge heel so you won’t sink into the soil. Remember, you can change you shoes when at the restaurant!
  5. Now it’s time to show them your LOOK! Once you take the gown off for your party or family meal, it’s time to show them your style. You’ll see three looks I’ve selected are all about simple style, great for photos, and comfortable to wear all day.
  6. Short sleeves under your gown will help you stay super cool during the uber-long ceremonies (why can’t they just call YOUR name already!).


#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 3

I’m such a fan of a great circle skirt! If you follow me on the socials, you know I’m a skirt fanatic! This look is great for our prim & proper grads. Add this trendy and convenient Fujifilm Instax Mini camera to document the day. Don’t leave the photos in your cell phone! LOL!

#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 2

This look is for our artistic grads! Who said you can’t wear pants to graduation. I love these fancy-pants and fun shoes. This look takes you from graduation, to family dinner, to the night out with your friends!

I love these looks for the stage or for a day out with friends. Need some help finding your Graduation Day style, hire me as your personal stylist for the day. I’ll have you looking fly.

#WhatToWear: New Year’s Eve 2016

We made moments away from a new year. Some say 2016 was horrible, but the biggest challenges make the best soldiers. Listen, we got this!! Of course I had to give you our last Outfit Inspiration post for the year. I can’t believe you guys actually let me do this for fun. LOL! Each look selected uses something already in your closet.You just have to add a couple sparkling elements then go out a have fun!

For shopping details, click the photo. It will take you to the Polyvore shopping pages.
ABOVE, I wanted to give a comfortable look yet cute look for the festivities. If you’re sensitive to heels, don’t fret, this look would be super fly with flats. This look identifies that good pair of black slacks that EVERYONE owns. Find a sparkly top and add accessories, you are on the way!
#WhatToWear: #NYE - Tux and Tailored

This next look uses that pair of SKINNY black jeans that we all own. Also, who doesn’t have a pair of black booties? Girl, pull your look together and go! Now I know everyone doesn’t have an Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket, but add a sparkly jacket or shirt and get going. Or, just use a regular tuxedo style jacket – even better.

#WhatToWear: #NYE - The Golden Moment

Lastly, I know you have a black bodycon dress in the closet. Add a pair of crazy obnoxious heels and lot of glitter – get on your way. Oh yeah, stay warm my friends, it’s pretty chilly almost everywhere!

So, that’s it. Just wanted to give you some inspo for the rest of the year. Have a safe and stylish fun time this weekend.

#WhatToWear: HBCU Homecoming 2016

It’s Homecoming season and this week celebrates my college homecoming at Tennessee State University (TSU). TSU is a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). If you’ve attended an HBCU homecoming, you know it’s as much of a fashion show as it is a reunion! So, today starts my HBCU Style Series. I’m gonna share some outfit looks for the week as well as homecoming celebrations tips, and of course, plus-size style! Get ready! Let’s start with some outfit inspiration, click the pictures for shopping info.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUHOMECOMING - The Pep Rally

PEP RALLY/LUNCH WITH FRIENDS: Any good Homecoming event starts with a pep rally on the yard followed by lunch with friends! An HBCU pep rally is all about listening to the band play, stepping with your sorority sisters, and flirting with that guy who used to be in your english class. You gotta look casual and cute. This look breaks a couple fashion ‘rules’ but still looks fall fashion flirty.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomecoming - The Day Party

DAY PARTY PRINCESS/CONCERT CUTIE: Listen, celebrating at an HBCU homecoming is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be NON-STOP and your looks need to be on point. This Day Party/Concert look is perfectly on trend. If you don’t have a pair of thigh-high boots for the season, you losin! Pair your boots with shorts and a crop moto jacket and you are on your way.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomeciming - Game Day

TAILGATE ALL NIGHT:  Now, as an Alum of TSU, our team is fortunate enough to play at the Nissan stadium (where the Titans play). When we tailgate, we go ALL NIGHT! Even though this year’s game starts at 6pm, tailgaters will be on the scene at noon. You need a look that is comfortable and can transition from day to night. This casual look gets you into the game and with a quick shoe change can get you into the victory party.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomecoming - The After Party

PARTY TIME/DATE NIGHT: Admit it, the one that got away is still available. After sending him a message on social media, you are gonna go out on a date. This might be the one, or this might be a prelude to attending a good party. Either way, pack a black bodycon in your suitcase, add accessories as needed. This look is simple, effective, and a cool – just like you after celebrating your homecoming.

So, I hope these looks are inspirations for your weekend fab-ness. Which look would you rock? LEt me know in the comments section!

#WhatToWear: International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day 2016

On May 21 it’s International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day (INHMD)! This day was created to encourage black women to celebrate their natural hair. This year, I’ve been asked to speak on a panel to discuss style and rocking your natural hair. It’s an important conversation! Plus, I do write a natural hair blog, Natural in Nashville. Even though I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, I can connect you to the right resources.
Why is the discussion of personal style and hair so important? Because, allowing your curly, coily, or kinky hair free (when you are used to wearing it straight) can be a hard for some women to deal with. I mean, it’s a total change of style. Plus, there’s such a stigma when women, especially black women, start taking pride in the bodies they were born in. Our confidence can be hit hard.
So attending a natural hair meet-up is a good way to increase your confidence when learning a new style. You can see other women rocking their various styles, learn new techniques, and even buy new products. It’s one of the best events you can attend.

Of course, I had to hook you up with some style inspiration for those attending a International Natural Hair Meet-Up event in their city. From classic to cute, these outfit inspirations are gonna have you looking real cute with you new fly hair! Hope to see you at the Nashville INHMD event. 
#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 3


I’m loving this cute casual look. If you aren’t a girl who wears heels, you can swap these out with a cute pair of sneakers. Of course, this is the perfect event to rock your favorite graphic tee. This one is from They have tons of cute tees with cool slogans on the front. Check them out. 
#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 1


This next look is so ON TREND – denim on denim is the way to be this spring. This look is great to rock to the INHMD event and then go to get a meal with your girls. And, yes, this head-wrap is a must for this year. Try it out. 
#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 2
Lastly, this chic look is for my flirty fashionistas. Again, INHMD is a great time to meet new women who are rocking their fly hair. You know we gotta look out best. Try this basic but chic look as you get ready to meet some new friend. 
So, I hope to see you at INHMD Nashville event. Unfortunately, the event SOLD OUT. But you know I’ll have a review for you on Monday. 


#WhatToWear: Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

Beyonce’s Formation Tour starts next week and she has an HBO special airing on Saturday night. Every Beyonce fan is pretty much losing our minds. What with the Formation Tour be about? What is this HBO special be about? What does Lemonade mean? UGH! Beyonce is so GOOD at building suspense. So, with Beyonce’s tour coming to Nashville on May 5th, I had to answer the question, “What to wear to the Beyonce Concert?” All my readers have been sending me messages, so I had to help. At least, we can solve this mystery.

Below you’ll see three outfit inspirations for your concert experience. Each look is inspired by Beyonce in some way. Also, each look is fashionable AND comfortable! Why? Because the Formation Tour is an arena tour. If you are sitting on the grass, you need to make sure your shoes are comfy and your outfit is on point. Also, this tour takes us through the summer, so these looks are warm weather appropriate. Let’s get started:

#WhatToWear: #FormationTour - Look 2

The first look is a nod to Beyonce’s new Ivy Park line of athletic line. When I first wrote about this line, I talked about how the line is affordable and cute. Immediately, I knew that you could rock this shirt with a pair of jeans and luck extra cute. This hi/lo look is a mix of affordable pieces and high-end accessories. This look is easy to duplicate. I hope to see you rock it!


#WhatToWear: #FormationTour Look 1

Our next look is chic and comfy. Y’all know I love rocking sneakers with fitted dresses and skirts. Plus, a crop top is ALWAYS a good deal. This Blue Ivy inspired look is super simple and super cute. We know, Beyonce’s fave color is blue, so why no rock it all the way!

#WhatToWear: #FormationTour - Look 3

Our last look is a nod to Beyonce’s bohemian side and her cryptic new special ‘Lemonade’. TREND ALERT: These linen culottes are the way to go for spring/summer 2016. This delicate and delightful look would be cute if you are taking your boo to the show with you.

So, what are you wearing to the Beyonce concert? Have these looks inspired you? Let me know in the comments section.