EVENT: The Art Deco Affair

I’m excited to be a media partner for the Art Deco Affair benefitting the Frist Art Museum. Proceeds from The Art Deco Affair Support the care and maintenance of the Frist Art Museum’s historic Art Deco Building!

Did you know the Frist used to be Nashville’s main post office. This well-loved location was refurbished to house traveling art exhibits. It’s one of a very few museums of its kind. The well respected institution has housed collection only seen in Americas biggest cities. Every season the staff work tirelessly to find exhibits and create experiences that help widen our understanding of creativity. This initiative allows Nashville residents to enjoy a plethora of amazing art in a consistent basis. Continue reading “EVENT: The Art Deco Affair”

Night at the Frist Museum with URBAANITE!

You guys already know how much I LOVE the Frist Museum. Last month, I shot some amazing looks using the Frist as a backdrop for my stories. This month, I was happy to be invited to a ‘Girls Night Out’ event sponsored by Urbaanite.  We had exclusive access to two of the museum’s most amazing exhibits: The Irving Penn Photography exhibit and the Secrets of Buddhist Art. I love going to one of my favorite place with some of my favorite people.

l to r: Me, Sarah of Creative Minds, Tiffany of Tiff & Coco, Sheena of Love at Any Stage, Kay of I am Kay Elle, Malaka of Scales of Style, India of India Marie, and Jasmine of Jasmine Hockett online

You know I love working with local bloggers. Nashville’s lifestyle and fashion blogging scene has grown immensely. Each of us has something special to offer our readers. Click the links above to visit some of Nashville’s newest & brightest bloggers. Just like your local museum, you have to visit our blogs regularly because we always have something new to share with you. Also, just like a museum, we are introducing our visitors to things that will help you feel amazing about the beauty of the world.


When we arrived at the Frist we were greeted by the museum’s marketing director. Not only did she inform us about the museum’s current exhibits, she gave us information about the design of the building. The Frist center is one of my favorite building in the city. The renovated post office offers amazing architecture and open space great for rotating new exhibits. After our info session we headed to the exhibits starting with Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty.

If you don’t know who Irving Penn is take a visit to the Irving Penn Foundation website. Irving Penn was one of the most prolific photographers of our generation. His photography is some of the most amazing work I’ve seen and spans across so many genres. The exhibit is arranged in reverse chronological order so that you can ‘peel back the layers of Penn’s photographic experience’ – source. I was familiar with Penn’s work from Vogue Magazine but not some of his early work. His catalogue is filled with surrealist imagery and fashion forward innovative imagery.

The Irving Penn exhibit is at the Frist until May 27. You should make your way to see these amazing images. You’ll be impressed with the fashion images but be deeply moved by his early work featuring every day people. The exhibit is a great conversation starter as it takes almost one hour to get through.

What I wore: Top from Walmart, Skirt from Styles Boutique, and Bag from Runway Boutique

Of course I had to wear something cute for this Girls Night Out. I brought back my favorite skirt from the holiday season, added a simple white button-down to remix it for Spring. Visiting the museum is a great way to spend time with your friends. We ended the night at the Frist museum’s cafe. Ladies, they have WINE and some of the best small bites in the city. If you want to have a chill night on the town, check out the Frist.

And if you REALLY want to go, scroll down to see a special offer from Fabglance and Urbaanite. We’ve partnered with the Frist museum to give you and a friend a FREE visit to the museum!

CLICK HERE to get your FREE Day Out at the Frist sponsored by Urbaanite

Photo Credits: Museum photography by Toya Michele, ‘Life on Forty West
Irving Penn. Bee, New York, 1995, printed 2001. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of The Irving Penn Foundation. © The Irving Penn Foundation 

Irving Penn. Issey Miyake Fashion: White and Black, New York, 1990, printed 1992. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of The Irving Penn Foundation. © The Irving Penn Foundation

MY STYLE: Making Necessary Changes

Loving these shots from the Frist Center, it’s such a beautiful building

Change is coming, and it’s coming sooner than I’d planned. I can’t go into the details because it’s not all the way finished, but expect something exciting. Change is super scary. Let me tell you. Even when you plan it out to the most minute detail, just pushing the button to make the change is STILL scary. This post, though, is about the glory of change and making that change in style.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

Whenever things start changing, remember it’s usually because you prayed for something to change. Just think about it; this change is happening because God knows you’re ready for this challenge. Yes, change is a challenge! But when it’s all done, boy you feel so much better. You are much stronger, and you realize, “Dang, I shoulda done this a long time again!”

Trust me, you can do this! You got this!

Now let’s get into the style. Somebody said, you gotta dress for where you WANT to go, not for where you’re at. This look is all about being a BOSS. I’m getting closer to being my own boss than I’ve ever been (hint-hint). So, when I received this cardigan from Limonda Couture, I originally wear it with some jeans. But, I wanted to go with a professional boss look. I think it came out really cute! I never get to wear these types of looks often, because my job is so casual, so I was really into this look.

This cardigan is so comfortable and can be worn with so many different ways. I love the length and the design. For this look, I paired it with a black bodycon dress from Rebdolls and shoes from Nordstrom Rack (yes they have size 12 women’s shoes)! The looks was super simple to pul together, but packs a big punch. It’s a fave.

So, stay tuned for some announcements. I swear, life can be crazy, but if you stand still and let God work it doesn’t seem so bad. Change is necessary. Change is good!

MY STYLE: It’s art for your body!

Excited to shoot at the Frist Museum

I love when an idea just comes together and the images created are pure joy! This year, I wanted to take the ‘Outfit of the Day‘ posts to the next level. I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in the city. This month, I’m focusing on The Frist Museum, one of my favorite museums and one of my favorite buildings in the city! Also, I’m rocking my favorite re-mixed shirt of ALL time! It’s like my own piece of art.

Want details? Keep reading . . .

Oversized sweatshirt – King Sized Direct
So, sweatshirts are a big deal for winter/spring 2017. The more oversized, the better (blame Kanye). But, when you are already plus-sized, it’s hard to find an OVERSIZED shirt. So my first step was to find an oversized design and I to head to the men’s department. Specifically, King Sized Direct, an online retailer for Big & Tall men. I needed to get a shirt that was not only big, but LONG. I found what I needed for only $29.

So, then I had to make the look my own. I combined two of my favorite trends: Oversized Shirts and African Print. I thought this was cool dedication to my Sierra Leone roots (that’s where my dad is from). I have tons of African print fabric in my closet that I use for head-wraps and all sorts of things. So I called my home, designer, Charles Lord to see if he could make my idea come to life.

I dropped the material off to Charles, and then came back to a masterpiece. When I tell y’all I love this shirt so much, I tell no lies. I get continued compliments on this look and I always say “thank-you!’. I was happy to use a local designer and material that is a celebration of my roots. Also, it’s like my very own piece of art. I always say clothes, are ART for you body, why not make something that is unique to your style.

Stay tuned for more of my art inspired looks this month, as I celebrate one of my favorite spots in the city. Have you visited the Frist Museum in Nashville? What’s your favorite spot in the city? Let me know in the comments.

Special thanks to the staff at the Frist Center and my photographer, Patrick Webster.