MY CITY: Paris 1900 at the Frist Art Museum

Paris 1900: City of Entertainment at the Frist Art Museum is one of the most interesting exhibits that I thought I’ve never like! Seriously, an exhibit about old school Paris seemed to be kinda boring. But, from the layout of the exhibit to the individual pieces, I was immediately engaged in the story of a city that grew as quickly as Nashville is growing right now!

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EVENT: The Art Deco Affair

I’m excited to be a media partner for the Art Deco Affair benefitting the Frist Art Museum. Proceeds from The Art Deco Affair Support the care and maintenance of the Frist Art Museum’s historic Art Deco Building!

Did you know the Frist used to be Nashville’s main post office. This well-loved location was refurbished to house traveling art exhibits. It’s one of a very few museums of its kind. The well respected institution has housed collection only seen in Americas biggest cities. Every season the staff work tirelessly to find exhibits and create experiences that help widen our understanding of creativity. This initiative allows Nashville residents to enjoy a plethora of amazing art in a consistent basis. Continue reading “EVENT: The Art Deco Affair”

Night at the Frist Museum with URBAANITE!

You guys already know how much I LOVE the Frist Museum. Last month, I shot some amazing looks using the Frist as a backdrop for my stories. This month, I was happy to be invited to a ‘Girls Night Out’ event sponsored by Urbaanite.  We had exclusive access to two of the museum’s most amazing exhibits: The Irving Penn Photography exhibit and the Secrets of … Continue reading Night at the Frist Museum with URBAANITE!

MY STYLE: Making Necessary Changes

Loving these shots from the Frist Center, it’s such a beautiful building Change is coming, and it’s coming sooner than I’d planned. I can’t go into the details because it’s not all the way finished, but expect something exciting. Change is super scary. Let me tell you. Even when you plan it out to the most minute detail, just pushing the button to make the … Continue reading MY STYLE: Making Necessary Changes

MY STYLE: It’s art for your body!

Excited to shoot at the Frist Museum I love when an idea just comes together and the images created are pure joy! This year, I wanted to take the ‘Outfit of the Day‘ posts to the next level. I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in the city. This month, I’m focusing on The Frist Museum, one of my favorite museums and one … Continue reading MY STYLE: It’s art for your body!