Support the Wounded Warrior Project – Carry Forward 5k

I’m so honored to announce that I’m an ambassador for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Carry Forward 5k! This amazing race, traditionally ran in person, is going VIRTUAL this year! That’s right, you can show your support for our veterans by running/walking your 5k at your local park with your family and friends! CLICK HERE to Register for the CARRY FORWARD 5K I Carry For … Continue reading Support the Wounded Warrior Project – Carry Forward 5k

MOTIVATION: Losing confidence during COVID

I think my confidence levels are falling and I blame COVID. I’ve chosen to stay home as much as possible to help flatten the curve – it’s TOUGH! I currently work from home and tend to only leave my house once a week. I go to the grocery store, sometimes I go take photos for my social media & the blog, and very sparingly I’ll … Continue reading MOTIVATION: Losing confidence during COVID

Hello August: Let look at those goals!

Omg! It’s the first day of August, 2020. Real talk, this year has been the most wild year of my entire life! What makes this year so wild is that EVERYONE is going through it too! We are all trying to navigate a WILD PRESIDENT, a scary pandemic, and continued social injustices (#BlackLivesSTILLmatter). It’s ALOT! With all the stress of 2020 it’s easy to let … Continue reading Hello August: Let look at those goals!

#NashvilleCurves – 2018 Sneakpeek!

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It’s Nashville Curves season! Yes! My annual plus-size confidence campaign is set to launch on August 25th. This season’s class is just as wonderful as their previous class members (Check out the Classes of 2016 and 2017). As much as the Class of 2018 is beautiful, the ladies are talented and give so much to our wonderful city! We have a two educators, two bloggers, and a wardrobe stylist! Continue reading “#NashvilleCurves – 2018 Sneakpeek!”

MOTIVATION: When you pray for rain . . .

This motivation post should have went out on Monday, but it’s Tuesday and y’all will deal. Plus, y’all love me right? Right! I just wanted to tell you, “Thank You”, for being patient with me while I took a blogging break. Now on to today’s MOTIVATION.

Y’all, I took a break because my life totally changed in less than 48hrs! My new normal is waking up at 4:45am every weekday, turning in reports without error, and being a shining example of adulthood to a teenager. For an ultra chill person like myself, I don’t do well with rigidity. Let me tell you how I’ve spent so many years praying for God to magically fix the weak parts of my life, not knowing THIS situation is what he’d use to do it. Don’t ask for what you aren’t willing to work for. This is what I’m learning.

What to do, when you’ve bitten more than you can chew?

Continue reading “MOTIVATION: When you pray for rain . . .”