Welcome to Fab Glance!

Fab Glance is a Nashville lifestyle blog written by Melissa W.

More than 10 years ago, I started Fab Glance as a simple fashion blog. My friends asked me fashion questions, and I answered. I watched tons of fashion shows, and reported on the trends. As the world changed, my blog changed. Readers wanted to know about the face behind the blog: my style, my city, and what I liked to do. Quickly, this website turned into my own little slice of personality on the internet.


At my core, I am a stylish storyteller. I answer your fashion questions, talk about being plus-size, have fun in my city, and give you tips on how to be a better blogger & social media influencer! I’m a writer, a speaker, and a social media maven. I love helping people tell their story.

Better yet, I love helping people tell their story with STYLE!

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Partner With Me

If there’s one thing I love, it’s introducing new stuff to my readers! Do you have a brand, event, product, or service you think my readers need to know about? I’ve had the pleasure of blogging for 10 years. My voice is trusted, not only in Nashville, but with readers across the country. I’ve worked with Tiffany & Co, Belk, Dollar General, and Jord Watches – all have stellar response to my story ideas and presentations.

Let’s partner! I offer product reviews, host giveaways, provide media coverage for events, and MORE! Sponsorship opportunities available. Let’s discuss new ways to bring attention to your product or service.

Contact me by sending an email at melissa@fabglance.com


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My book: Jack and Ahlia

Oh yeah, I’m a published author!

Welcome to the story of Jack and Ahlia. Jack is a pretty-boy, financial whiz, with a gorgeous wife and an almost perfect life. Ahlia is his best friend since childhood and keeper of his secrets. Jack and Ahlia starts with an admission of betrayal and a plan to keep a secret. The reader is led on a tour that entwines stories from their past that asks the question, are you, “The one who got away?”

Jack and Ahlia, Available on Amazon Kindle or order a paperback copy.