MY STYLE: Staying Happy During Hard Times

Hey guys, this post is going to be stylishly personal. As a fashion blogger, or a blogger in general, we are often not allowed to ‘keep it real’. We are required to give you the details on what we are wearing, what we are doing, and what we are presenting. So it’s easy to forget that your favorite blogger has a real life outside of their instagram timeline or blog space. Many times, we are dealing with depression, failures, and family issues. So, how does a blogger, or just a regular person, stay happy through hard times?

THE LOOK: Dress – Target, Shirt – Walmart, Belt – Vintage, and Clutch – Violet Flower Boutique

Every since I quit my job, life ain’t been no crystal stair. Believe me, I’ve contemplated going back to my old gig, just for the health insurance alone! But something in me keeps pushing me to move forward. My belief in God, my tribe of family & friends, and of course, YOU my readers, make me work harder than I’ve worked before. Do my bank accounts look sad? YES! Do I hate answering the, “well what do you do?” questions? YES! And, do I hate waking up confused about my next move (more often than I’d care to admit)? YES! So, you can believe I’ve had my bouts of depression, anxiety, and general sadness.

Building an empire can be a hard and lonely journey. I strive to stay in a happy place when it seems like hard times keep coming upon me like waves. How do I do it? Well, I like to think about how far I’ve come. I remember when this little blog was just an idea. Now, I can say I’ve partnered with national brands and shared my style with millions of viewers.  I’ve been invited to events that I once dreamed about. And, I’ve encouraged so many others to get into the blogging game. I’ve done pretty good for myself, and I have even more to be accomplished.


I look to the hills! Where will I find help? 
It will come from the Lord, who created the heavens and the earth.

The scripture, above, is one I’ve been leaning on during this time of transition. I advise you to find a scripture (or quote) to help you manage you feelings and keep the faith when times are hard. Please believe, challenges aren’t created to kill you, but only make you stronger. Lastly, everyone goes through something. If you are alive, you are gonna go through a tough time. Let the feelings wash over you, then find your tribe, your quote, and lean on your past accomplishments to push you forward. Please believe, WE GOT THIS!

Photos by D. Brown Photography

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands
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When I saw these platform mules from Strategia, I knew I had to create a look! These mules are giving me UPDATED late 90’s vibes and I am HERE for it. I love a shoe that can give you a bit of height, but still be comfortable. So, I came up with this cute summer look to inpire you to run your errands in style!

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS end up running into someone I know (or someone I want to know better) when I’m looking busted and disgusted. So, I’ve been trying to make an effort to look a bit cuter when I’m out & about. I’m going to take my own advice, and find a similar look like the one above. You know I’ll post OOTD’s on my IG and on the blog!


MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms


I know this is a weird title for an Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) post but I thought I’d address some stuff as it pertains to fashion and fatness. A couple of months ago I posted the look I wore for the Nashville Symphony Ball. As always, I post my looks on my instagram and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Usually, my comments thread is pretty positive. But as the popularity grows, I see new followers and new commentary. On this day, when I posted my symphony story, someone made a snide comment about my fat arms.

Initially, I was a bit shocked. Like I said, I hadn’t received negative comments on my photos. That day was a different day. After my initial shock, I thought about it – people are so used to plus-size women covering up. EVEN in this day of plus-size model Tess Holiday, getting national and international modeling jobs, people still feel ‘some kinda way’ about big women being okay with her big-ness. Truthfully, I used to feel the same way . . .

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Hello July! We are half-way there!

photo by D. Brown Photography

Hola Fab Family!

Can you believe it already the middle of the year! I can say that this year has been quite the challenge, but I’ve been succeeding. I haven’t worked this hard as a blogger/influencer/person who posts on the internet, in a long time! Oh, and this is my official NINTH year blogging! WHAT? Some days I want to give up, but most days, blogging saves my life. Blogging gets me out of bed. Knowing that what I post, may help someone have better confidence, is what keeps me going!

So what’s happening on the blog this month:

  •  The #ShowYourArms campaign is going STRONG! Have you checked out the hashtag on Instagram? We are up to 338 tags! My goal is 1000 tags on Instagram. Make sure you tag your photos. I share the tagged photos on my Instagram profile every Thursday/Friday.
  • I have several brand collaborations coming up including Jord Watches and Wanna collaborate with me, send me a message, I love sharing new brands with my readers.
  • The Nashville Curves, Class of 2017, is shooting this month! Wait until you guys see the new class! You are gonna be blown away by all the fab beauty! Oh . . . and there’s a plus-size meet-up coming soon! 
  • Speaking of meet-ups, I’m happy to announce that I am on the blogger/media team for The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo! The TCFStyle Expo is the premier plus-size event for fashionistas, bloggers, and vendors. Hosted in Atlanta, attendees shop, get educated about plus-size issues, and watch dynamic entertainers. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

So, make sure you are following me on the socials: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. I post something different on every platform to keep you entertained. Oh yeah, join the newsletter, it’s become the spot for fashionable motivation! Let’s make July count!!

#WhatToWear: Summer Vacation Cuteness

#WhatToWear: #FourthofJuly Fly!
‘I Love GOLD’, this look is all about a girl who love attention!

Right on time for this four day weekend, I had to give you some Summer Vacation outfit inspiration. I usually do a Fourth of July post, with a ‘red, white, and blue’ theme but I thought, “How cliche!” No fashionista I know would be THAT corny, but we do love adding elelments of the holiday in our otherwise cute looks. So, I decided to give you some non-traditional summer looks for your vacations and extended weekend trips.

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#WhatToWear: Summer #DayDate

This first look is casual and chic. I tried hate on the sudden Gucci love, but I LOVE these GG Marmont purses. I wanted show how you can rock a luxury bag with chill laid back accessories. And, y’all know how I love a New York Yankees fitted! I just think this look is so fly and fab.

#WhatToWear: Summer #DateNight

Maybe this post should be called, “I tried not to like it, but now I do” – LOL! But I tried not to fall into the whole ‘rose gold’ and ‘blush pink’ vibe, but it looks SO good! I pulled these pieces for a cute summer Date Night look and/or girls night out event. And yes, it’s another Gucci bag! But DOGGONE IT their PR company must be working overtime because I’m in love! Oh yeah, get into denim skirts, they are the JAM!

#WhattoWear: #summervacation swimsuit cute

This last look is for the pool. Well, brunch, then the pool. I’m loving the trend of embellished flats for the summer. Finally, we can take off the heels and still look cute. I’m telling you, get a pair of cute flats/slides, your feet will thank you.

So, I hope these outfits will help you look great this summer. Let me know how you will be spending your summer vacation.

#15minutesofFAB: How to dress well while losing weight

Hey guys! If you didn’t know I do a weekly Style Chat on Facebook Live called #15MinutesofFab. I take 15 (sometimes 30 minutes) to have a quick chat with my followers. It’s a great way to talk about personal style, answer questions, and offer advice. I had a ton of requests to make a post about each topic we discuss on Tuesday. So, of course, I had to oblige.

This week, we are talking about ‘Dressing Well, While Losing Weight‘. It’s a big question that troubles many as they start on their fitness journey. I’ve worked with clients who’ve lost a small and large amounts of weight, but haven’t let go of their OLD clothes. The biggest concerns are fear, cost, and confidence. How do you get over these real threats to your personal style:

  • Fear – It’s about the fear of GAINING the weight back after you’ve gotten rid of the clothes. My answer, ” . . . and WHAT IF you do?”. It will be hard to deal with, but I’m an advocate of looking your best NO MATTER your size. If, through life’s circumstances, you do gain the weight back, you’ll buy new clothes to help you feel good again. Most of the time, you want to wear your old clothes, anyway, so why hold on.
  • Cost – Really and TRULY, buying new clothes is hard on the wallet, especially if you feel like you are repeating yourself. Why buy new pair of pants, when I spent so much money on the one’s I’ve been wearing for the last year? It’s a question, but if those pants don’t look good anymore, why keep them? Often I tell my clients to set a clothing budget according to their expenses. Some people may only be able to afford one piece a month, others more. Also, invest in QUALITY apparel that can be tailored. That will def keep cost lower than buying a whole new wardrobe.
  • Confidence – This ties back into FEAR. You’ve worked hard for your new body, you have to get to a place where you are fine with showing the fruits of your labor. Some people don’t nbuy new clothes due to feeling like they still look fat (or big, or out of shape). While everyone is waiting for the debut of Ms. New Body! This is the time when you go get fitted for a look that you would have never worn. Sometimes bringing that new piece into the collection kicks off a whole new level of weight loss style.

Below, I’ve developed some looks to help you transition while you lose weight. Also, I’ll give you some tips for looking good, losing weight, and staying FAB!

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#LoseWeight #StayFAB • what to wear while losing weight - 1

From GYM to DRINKS: As you are in you fitness journey you’ll realize you spend way more time in yoga pants or tights than you do in regular clothes. Investing in a good pair of fitness leggings, that can transition from day to night will help you feel FAB while you lose weight. Also, purchasing clothes that will grow (or shrink) with you helps you cost over time. Lots of looks are FITTED so you can still lose 10-20lbs without buying a replacement. Suggestions: black leggings, loose tanks, cotton tees, and great accessories

#WhatToWear: Losing weight, on the job

Work-wear Realness: It’s easy to transition from the gym to running errands on a saturday, while wearing your fitness look. BUt what happens when your WORK CLOTHES start looking baggy. You’ll find yourself feeling bad because you are losing weight, but not looking fly! Skirts are your best friend at this time. Actually, buying separates will help you feel fly on a dime. This pleated skirt with elstic waist can go the distance during your weight loss journey. Additionally fitted cotton tees and sweaters, will add some variety to your wardrobe. Suggestions: ribbed tees, cashmere sweaters, skirts and dress that can be tailored, and great accessories like belts & brooches.

#WhatToWear: Lose Weight, Look Cute

Show-Up and Show Out – You’ve finally conquered your fear of buying new clothes for your new body. Now it’s time to have fun! Try looks that you’ve been afraid to try: Bodycon dresses, luxury pieces, and fashion sneakers, are some of my fave ways to play with my new body proportions. I’m a fan of buying dresses I can wear day AND night with just a change of heels and bag.

So, I hope my tips can help you feel better about looking great WHILE losing weight. Don’t be afraid to purge that closet. You can even do a give away, thrift, consignment, or clothing swap, to help cut the costs of building a new wardrobe. Remember, be patient with yourself and your body. You didn’t build your current wardrobe in one day, and you have a lifetime to build a new one!

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YOUTUBE: I won an award! Nashville Black 40 under 40!

 Hey everyone! Guess who’s sticking to her posting schedule and attempting to give you all the content! YA! This week, we have new VLOG! Follow me to the Stay on the Go Magazine, Black ’40 under 40′ awards. I will continue to thank you for voting for me to win this award. It felt really good to be acknowledged by my peers. It’s only upward from here.

Below is a short video from the day’s event. It was quite swanky. We had fancy brunch, mimosas, live jazz, and an awards ceremony.The staff at City Winery really outdid themselves. The services was amazing and I was very surprised at the tasty food! I love City Winery, but I’m not a wine girl, LOL, so I’m always here for some tasty food. In addition, I just loved meeting the other honorees and their family members. Sometimes, you forget how many great people are in your city – that are doing GREAT THINGS! 

 Enjoy this week’s video. Let me know what types of videos you’d want to see in the future and I’ll make sure to do something fun for you!