Hello I’m Melissa, also known as Fabglance!


Fab Glance is a Nashville lifestyle blog written by Melissa W.

Melissa Watkins is stylish storyteller with a flair for fashion and a desire to help people reach their goals via digital strategy. She started her website, fabglance.com, more than 10 years ago, as a simple fashion blog. Readers would ask fashion questions, and she’d answered.  As the internet changed, her website and goals have changed as well. Readers wanted to know about the face behind the blog: her style, her city, and what she liked to do. Quickly,the website and her social media profiles turned into a little slice of personality on the internet. Melissa now gives you tips on how to be a better blogger & social media influencer, discusses being plus-size, and continues to answer your fashion questions. She loves helping people tell their story.

Better yet, she loves helping people tell their story with STYLE!