Welcome to Fab Glance!

Fab Glance is a Nashville lifestyle blog written by Melissa W.

More than 10 years ago, I started Fab Glance as a simple fashion blog. My friends asked me fashion questions, and I answered. I watched tons of fashion shows, and reported on the trends. As the world changed, my blog changed. Readers wanted to know about the face behind the blog: my style, my city, and what I liked to do. Quickly, this website turned into my own little slice of personality on the internet.

At my core, I am a stylish storyteller. I answer your fashion questions, talk about being plus-size, have fun in my city, and give you tips on how to be a better blogger & social media influencer! I’m a writer, a speaker, and a social media maven. I love helping people tell their story.

Better yet, I love helping people tell their story with STYLE!