EVENT: 5 Reasons why YOU should attend Cocktails & Convo with Claire Sulmers

So listen, my blogger godmother, in my head, Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb Daily is making her way to NASHVILLE! 
On Saturday, June 20th, this distinguished blogger and fashionista will make an appearance at Violet Flower Boutique in Germantown. Click here to get your ticket (which includes a VIP Afterparty). Listen, listen, listen! This is a big deal! A very big deal! You may think it’s not a big deal, but I’m gonna give you FIVE REASONS why you need to be in the building for Claire Sulmers.

Reason #1: Claire’s fashion blog, The Fashion Bomb Daily, is one of the TOP 100 fashion blogs in the WORLD. The WORLD! Claire started a lil ol’ blog, much like many of us, and turned it into a world wide sensation. Currently, her blog reaches 2.4 million readers every month. MILLION. So, if you are blogger, or a business woman, or an entrepreneur, or girl, you just trying to make something happen, you need to be in the building!
Reason #2: She’s a Harvard grad. Not only did she graduate MAGNA CUM LAUDE, but she’s also fluent in french! Why say this? I’m always here for smart girls doing creative jobs. So many times we think that college educated women should only work regular office day jobs doing something kinda boring. But, Claire has showed that you don’t have to be stuck in a box – do what you want and do it with pride.
Reason #3: The girl can dress. I mean, if you call yourself a fashion blogger you have to be able to put some clothes together and get them on your body. And Claire does that with ease. What I love is that Claire doesn’t have a traditional body-type, she’s not stick skinny. Her confidence and amazing selection of pieces makes for amazing photos. She even has ANOTHER blog that showcases her style and she answers reader questions. Check it out: www.thebomblife.com.
Reason #4: She’s a hustler! By hustler, I mean she’s takes on plenty opportunities and she continues to write her blog. She writes for Vogue (Italy and France), manages to attend every New York Fashion Week, and travels internationally. And, she gets PAID for it. If this appeals to you, you should be in the building. Cocktails & Conversation with Claire is the perfect opportunity to hear how she manages to do these things. Have you purchased your ticket? You need another reason? Keep reading.
Reason #5: She’s got 10 years in the game! Claire started Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006. My favorite qoute is, “An overnight success takes an average of 10 years to achieve”. So, you may not have known about her back in 2006, and you may just be finding out about her now . . . but I guarantee you will know her name in the future. You’ll kick yourself for not taking advantage of this awesome opportunity to network with one of the best in the blogging business.
Hosted be The Blogger Girls!

So, have you purchased your ticket? What are you waiting for? Each ticket holder will recieve a pass to the VIP AFTERPARTY where you can take pictures with the guest of honor and network with Nashville’s best bloggers. 
The VIP Afterparty will be hosted by The BLOGGER GIRLS (that’s me, girl!) at the new and amazing 5th & Taylor Restaurant. You better be in the building!
Cocktails & Conversation with Claire, 6:30p – 9:00p, Violet Flower Boutique
VIP Afterparty, 9:30 – Until, 5th & Taylor Restaurant, free with event ticket, or you can purchase separately.

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