My book: Jack and Ahlia

Oh yeah, I’m a published author!

Welcome to the story of Jack and Ahlia. Jack is a pretty-boy, financial whiz, with a gorgeous wife and an almost perfect life. Ahlia is his best friend since childhood and keeper of his secrets. Jack and Ahlia starts with an admission of betrayal and a plan to keep a secret. The reader is led on a tour that entwines stories from their past that asks the question, are you, “The one who got away?”

Jack and Ahlia, Available on Amazon Kindle or order a paperback copy.

Jack and Ahlia, came to life after I entered a summer writing challenge. The first chapter started as a short story. Immediately after finishing, I was drawn to the characters. In this book I use their lives to answer, the questions: “Why do men cheat?”,  “Why do friends keep secrets?”, and “Why do women stay?”.

“Everyone will HATE US! We’d have to move! What would we do for work? How could we function? Everything we have built would tumble!” Ahlia whisper-screamed while standing in the crowded room. – Jack and Ahlia, Chapter 1

Download Jack and Ahlia today on Amazon Kindle or order a paperback copy.

ALSO, listen to the Jack and Ahlia playlist on SPOTIFY and TIDAL! Yes, I curated a MOOD for y’all to get into the universe of Jack and Ahlia.