The Songs that inspired, ‘Jack and Ahlia’

I’m excited to share this very special playlist with you! The Jack and Ahlia Playlist is the music I listened to which inspired each of the four main characters: Jack, Ahlia, Corey, and Jordan. You can listen to this playlist on Spotify and Tidal. It features amazing tracks from some of my favorite popular and indie artists including: SZA, Al Green, Method Man, Carl Thomas, Jeezy, Romen, and Daniel Ceasar.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 4.40.00 PM
Listen on Spotify or Tidal

I’m a supreme hip-hop and R&B lover. So, when you read the story, you’ll see that I laced the texts with lyrics from some of my favorite songs. These are songs I listened to, all summer, while writing this story. So when you listen, you’ll get a piece of my personality too. It’s a smooth list – I know you’ll like it. When I think of Jack I think of a guy who loves Drake and lots of smooth R&B. When I think of Ahlia, she’s all love songs and R&B. Jordan, Jack’s wife, is all about inspiration and songs that have deep meanings. And, Corey, he’s all Hip-Hop!

First, download or purchase your copy of Jack and Ahlia via Amazon. Then listen to the playlist and tell me who you think each song refers to. Can’t wait to hear your answers!

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