MOTIVATION: Five ways to update your style!

Happy New Year! It’s the season of ‘New Year, New Me’! On Instagram, I asked my followers if they were thinking about changing their style for the new year. Most answered, “no”, stating that cost and not knowing where to start. I thought I’d share FIVE easy tips to help you update your style!

This entire look was less than $100

With the launch of my book, Jack and Ahlia, I’m preparing to update my style. My goal to embark on a book tour, later this year, has my ideas flowing. I want to create a style that makes a statement when I meet my Fabglance fans and new Jack and Ahlia readers. To do this, I love making vision boards and designing mood boards to give me visual encouragement. Which leads me to:

TIP 1 – Let Pinterest to Guide You – The photos above, were collected from Pinterest during my search for an updated style. If you let the photos guide you, you’ll start to see a trend. What you see may surprise you or it maybe minor updates to your current look. No worries, now you have a guide. Every time I feel the urge to change my look, I let Pinterest guide me. This year, I knew I wanted to add more denim to my wardrobe. In addition, I want to add some luxury accessories and statement pieces. I didn’t know my eye was leaning toward oversized structured pieces and the addition of the color pink! Hmm, thanks Pinterest!

TIP 2 – Clean out your closet – Before you bringing ANYTHING in, you must remove unnecessary items. In the past, as a personal stylist, my first move is to help clients remove old, unworn, damaged, and/or ill-fitting items from their closet. This action helps you to pinpoint what necessities you may need (more fitted tees or a new pair of work slacks) before adding pieces that you want. Removing items you haven’t worn helps you to have more space for additions as well.

TIP 3 – Set a monthly shopping budget – Many of my Instagram followers stated that MONEY was the main reason they didn’t update/change their style. Just like making any other large purchase, you need a budget. Now you may say, I don’t have money for ANYTHING, especially all the fancy items I want to add to my closet. You’re lying to yourself. If you have money to buy coffee, lunch at work, or even brunch on the weekend, you have enough money to start a shopping fund. You may set aside $50 a month. With savvy sales spotting and patient shopping, within three months you’ll see your wardrobe transform.

TIP 4 – Shop online and in-store – This is the part that many of you HATE! But, how else will you get new clothes if you don’t GO GET NEW CLOTHES! The stylish women, in the collage above, surely had to shop for their looks. My advice, is to keep it simple and be gentle on yourself. Shop ONLINE looking for vendors who offer free returns. Shop IN-STORE at places with KNOWLEDGEABLE employees. Places like, Nordstrom, offer personal stylists. But, small boutiques, often have employees who are well-versed in the store’s inventory. Call ahead, schedule a styling appointment, and expect to be wowed.

TIP 5 – Take Pictures – Don’t be afraid to take photos of your new looks. You don’t have to post the photos on any social media platform. But, keeping a record of your attempts with new looks helps you figure out if the items are working for you.

BONUS – Don’t worry about what people say – I wanted to add this as a tip, but it’s more a important than that. Changing your style in any way can cause a bit of anxiety. True, people get used to seeing you in a specific light and will make unnecessary comments about your new additions. Who cares? If they notice, that means you are on the right track. When it’s time to change, it just is! Your change can encourage another person to change. Changing your clothing style is more than just shopping trips and saving money. It’s an upgrade of your CONFIDENCE! You want to look better, which means you want to feel  better, and you’ll have a better outlook on life.

So, who cares if ‘they’ make a comment about you attempting to change? This is your life, your money, and your time. Spend it wisely and make every effort to feel good about yourself while you’re doing it.


So, get moving! You know you want to update your style. Now is the perfect time to do it. If you have style questions, leave them below. I’ll be more than happy to guide you in the right direction! Happy shopping!

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