#NashvilleCurves presents, Melissa, the creator of Nashville Curves!

Before we get this profile started, I must say “Thank You!” to everyone who viewed, shared, and commented on the #NashvilleCurves campaign! Each woman shared an amazing part of themselves. Besides putting on a bathing suit, they shared parts of their struggle and parts of their hearts. I truly appreciate their transparency! Make sure to read about Kimmy, Nora, Kearsten, and DD; leave some comments on their posts.

So, I’m gonna answer some of the questions I asked the other ladies in their profiles. And, I’m gonna answer some questions I’ve received about the #NashvilleCurves campaign and our upcoming Plus-Size Meet-Up! Let’s go!

I keep my eyes on certain women who are just doing it! Each class has 5-6 women, representing different shapes & sizes seen in plus-size community.

Name, age: Melissa, aka FabGlance, 39

What do you do, why do you do it?

I’m a lifestyle blogger and social media manager. I made a decision to leave my corporate job, after 10 years, because it was no longer fulfilling. Check out my YouTube video, “I Quit My Job to be a Full-Time Blogger“, I talk ALL about it. Blogging appeals to me because I love to write. I’ve been a writer since I knew what words meant. I write all the time, and I’m even working on a book of fiction (Jack and Ahlia) due out late fall. As a lifestyle blogger, I get to share my LIFE and my STYLE with my wonderful audience. Being plus-sized still presents a challenge for so many women. I like to show women how to dress well and be comfortable because I know what it feels like NOT to be comfortable in your own skin.

What made you embrace your curves? When did you say, “I’m ok with me?”

I can’t pinpoint the time I decided to embrace my curves. I can say as I got out of my twenties, I started to be OK with the body I have. Whether I’m on my fitness kick or I’m just chilling, I need to appreciate my body. I’ve had times when I was sick, going to hospital visits, having surgery, and I regretted not loving my body. The older I get, the more I love my body. Body confidence is truly a journey and some start earlier than others. I hope my blog can help people get on the path to body acceptance.

Have you had to deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, and/or strangers? What did you do?

YES! I’ve dealt with a variety of horrible comments from strangers, WHOLE discussions from well-meaning family members, and shady comments from ‘friends’. We tend to think we know what’s best for other people, because we are on the outside looking in to their lives. So, when you go to comment on someone’s lifestyle choice, you really need to chill. You don’t know how far they’ve come.

Dealing with judgmental and mean comments is HARD! Like, if I really concentrate on ALL the mean comments I’ve received in my 39 years, I would be in a DEEP depression (I’ve been there!). What do I do? If I see a mean comment about me on the internet, I immediately delete it. I usually don’t know that person, so there’s no value in their comments. Now, dealing with family and friends is another story. Because I’m non-confrontational and an introvert, I usually distance myself from that person. After I gather my thoughts, maybe cry a bit, I usually confront them. It’s hard. I’ve lost some relationships because of nasty comments and underhanded discussions. But, I must do what’s right for my mental well-being.

What would you tell your YOUNGER curvy self?

OOH girl! I’d tell my younger curvy self to “Stop worrying!” I spent so much of my teens and twenties trying to fit in. Clearly, God got jokes! I was six-feet tall in the 10th grade, there was NO WAY I was made to fit in. I was made to stand out. People are gonna look at me, I’m usually the biggest person in the room (whoa! even typing that made me feel a way!). Like the saying goes, “If people are a gonna look, make it worth their while!”

If I really concentrate on ALL the mean comments I’ve received in my 39 years, I would be in a DEEP depression.

Now, let’s get to the questions EVERYONE has asked about the #NashvilleCurves Campaign!

How can I be apart of the NEXT swimsuit campaign? How can I be selected for the Class of 2018? How do you choose the models?

Ok! So, the women I selected for #NashvilleCurves Class of 2016 and Class of 2017 are NOT models. They are regular women, who caught my eye because of their beauty, their influence in their industry and the city of Nashville, and their social media presence. For the remainder of the year, I keep my eyes on certain women who are just doing it! Each class has 5-6 women, representing different shapes & sizes seen in plus-size community. The ladies have to be confident and willing to put on a bathing suit. I use a female photographer and find a safe space to shoot so that the women can feel comfortable and showcase their beauty.

I’ve already got my eye on some ladies for 2018. I am thinking about doing an official model search and teaming up with a plus-size retailer to make the campaign even bigger. So, be on the look-out for info about that . . . if I decide to go that route.

But, I REALLY wanna be apart of Plus-Size style in NASHVILLE! Help me!

I got you GIRL! So, this year I am hosting Nashville’s first OFFICIAL plus-size meet-up! The #NashvilleCurves Plus-Size Meet-up is happening October 8 at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel! We are planning workshops, shopping, entertainment, and a FASHION SHOW! Official Model Call for the fashion show will be posted on the website and on my instagram, so follow me to stay posted.

EARLY BIRD VIP Tickets are now available on EVENTBRITE and we are currently seeking vendors and sponsors. Email me, melissa@fabglance.com for more details.

People are gonna look at me, I’m usually the biggest person in the room!

Once again, THANK YOU for all the love on the campaign! FabGlance is now dedicated to bringing the Curvy Conversation to Nashville. It’s evident that plus-size women aren’t represented in the city, even though there’s so many curvy ladies making it happen in our city. Special thanks to Toni Denisa for her amazing photography and editing skills. Also, a VERY special thanks to Sunny Fitz, creator of SunnyBand! She sponsored our amazing sunglasses and gave us the space to shoot at her pool.


You can find me on the internet as FabGlance: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Shop my looks here:

#NashvilleCurves – Class of 2017

I am so happy to introduce the wonderful women of #NashvilleCurves, Class of 2017! Kim, Nora, Derika, and Kearsten were selected for their awesome beauty, great style, online presence, and curvy confidence.  Kim, Nora, Derika, and Kearsten are bloggers, teachers, coders, and motivators – all using their skills to bring feminine flair to our city. You might not know them now, but after this week, you’ll be giving them a follow.

(l to r) Kim, Nora, Fabglance, Derika, and Kearsten

Visit Fabglance this week to meet and learn more about each lady from the Class of 2017! Seriously, I love these ladies and their dedication to spreading confidence in our curvy community.  It’s amazing, because, there are plenty of plus-size women in the city, but their voices are barely heard. I’ve decided to take on the cause. Curvy women deserve to be heard and we deserve options to make us feel beautiful.


Each year, I keep my eye on plus-size women who are making waves. Presenting plus size women, in bathing suits, in NASHVILLE has proven to open a door of opportunity for our curvy community. That’s why I’ve created the #NashvilleCurves Plus-Size Meet-Up! In celebration of the success of the #NashvilleCurves photo series, we want to to create a space for plus size women to listen to inspiring speakers, shop at plus-size vendors, and meet amazing curvy ladies like yourself!

#NashvilleCurves | Plus Size Meet-Up, October 2017 | Buy VIP Tix

So, come back EVERY DAY this week to get to know our Class of 2017!

Then, buy you EARLY BIRD VIP tickets to the #NashvilleCurves Plus-Size Meet-Up! Ticket prices will go up on September 1st, so get in early!

VLOG | The TCFStyle Expo 2017

Last month, I got to attend the TCFStyle Expo presented by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. This plus-size style convention is held annually in Atlanta (one of my fave cities!). It’s part shopping event and part motivational event. This was the second year, and from what I heard, it was BIGGER and better than ever. Guess what? I vlogged! Yes, and there’s a whole video on my YouTube Channel, but you can watch below!

Have you attended a plus-size meet-up? Well, I’m hosting one in Nashville in October! The Nashville Curves Plus Size Meet-Up is gonna be our chance to present amazing curvy confidence in Nashville! Pre-sale tickets are available NOW! Let’s get excited!

HELLO AUGUST! What’s new on FabGlance?

Hello August! Hey girl, when did YOU get here? Seems like I was just wishing for warm weather, now I’m hoping the summer will stay around a bit longer. And it will, because I live in Tennessee. We won’t feel the chill of cool air until October. So, let’s just bask in the HOT glory! 

Anyway, what’s going on with Fabglance this month? Let’s see:

  • Thanks for your comments on the new blog layout! Please be patient as we are continuing to work out the bugs of migrating EIGHT YEARS worth of posts to a new server. Forgive me if a link doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go. 
  • The #NashvilleCurves Swimsuit Shoot will drop on August 14th! I gave you a sneakpeek yesterday and that’s not even 10% of the awesomeness we have on deck! Can’t wait for you to meet these ladies!
  • We have one month left for you to join the #ShowYourArms Squad! Just tag any pic on social media with the hashtag and help promote body positivity all summer! Photos are featured on my Instagram every Thursday and Friday! 

  • Did you know that ASHLEY STEWART, one of the country’s top plus-size retailers is coming to NASHVILLE! They are bringing their model search & fashion show to the Mall at Green Hills on August 12th! I’m a VIP correspondent for the event so you know I’ll keep you posted on the amazingness! I better see you there! CLICK HERE to RSVP
  • I have a couple collaborations this month! I’m most excited about my partnership with BrewPass! Brewpass is a coffee service that allows you to save money if you buy coffee EVERYDAY! For a monthly fee you can get as much coffee as you’d like, from local coffee shops. You know I have a coupon code for you! Use the code ‘FABLOVESCOFFEE‘ to get $10 off membership or off an a la carte item!
  • Oh yeah, BE MY GUEST, is coming back! There are some great music events at City Winery that I’ll have tix for! Make sure to sign-up for my newsletter to get details on free shows! 

That’s about it … for right now! New posts go up weekly, check back daily for fun fashion info. What are you doing this month? Let’s talk about it on the comments section! 

MY STYLE: Do It Afraid!

Hola Fab Family! Welcome! Stretch out and walk around; do you see anything you like? Why, yes, yes we do have a new site design! And is it FABULOUS! The whole experience is a metaphor in how my life is going right now: DO IT, DO IT AFRAID, You’ll be ok! So this week’s MY STYLE post is all about how, even with fear you can do something fab!

For the last year I have been lamenting on how to make FABGLANCE.COM more fabulous. Truth be told, my coins are limited and all the great web designers I called, wanted BIG BUCKS (no whammies).  I tried to redo the design on my own, but my mind would freeze. I didn’t have the patience to take eight years worth of content to a new spot. If  you blog, you know that migrating content is a coin toss. You could lose EVERYTHING, jack up your analytics, and/or end up killing everyone around you.

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MY STYLE: FAB CHOICES for Amazon Prime Day!

Who’s Ready to Shop!

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Yup, this is pretty much a post about shopping, and looking at photos of me looking cute! LOL! Anyway, Amazon Prime day is an exclusive day for Prime members to get AMAZING deals on things that they love. If you are like me, a Prime member, your cart stays full with things you need and things you want. The glory of Amazon Prime is that most of your items come to your doorstep within 48 hours. I’ve been known to order toilet paper, fruit snacks, and sheet masks all in the same day. I’m sure the Amazon driver thinks I’m crazy.

Below, I share some FAB CHOICES for my FAB FAMILY on Amazon Prime day.

Don’t have Amazon Prime, click here, to sign-up. 
Now, let’s get shopping!

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MY STYLE: Staying Happy During Hard Times

Hey guys, this post is going to be stylishly personal. As a fashion blogger, or a blogger in general, we are often not allowed to ‘keep it real’. We are required to give you the details on what we are wearing, what we are doing, and what we are presenting. So it’s easy to forget that your favorite blogger has a real life outside of their instagram timeline or blog space. Many times, we are dealing with depression, failures, and family issues. So, how does a blogger, or just a regular person, stay happy through hard times?

THE LOOK: Dress – Target, Shirt – Walmart, Belt – Vintage, and Clutch – Violet Flower Boutique

Every since I quit my job, life ain’t been no crystal stair. Believe me, I’ve contemplated going back to my old gig, just for the health insurance alone! But something in me keeps pushing me to move forward. My belief in God, my tribe of family & friends, and of course, YOU my readers, make me work harder than I’ve worked before. Do my bank accounts look sad? YES! Do I hate answering the, “well what do you do?” questions? YES! And, do I hate waking up confused about my next move (more often than I’d care to admit)? YES! So, you can believe I’ve had my bouts of depression, anxiety, and general sadness.

Building an empire can be a hard and lonely journey. I strive to stay in a happy place when it seems like hard times keep coming upon me like waves. How do I do it? Well, I like to think about how far I’ve come. I remember when this little blog was just an idea. Now, I can say I’ve partnered with national brands and shared my style with millions of viewers.  I’ve been invited to events that I once dreamed about. And, I’ve encouraged so many others to get into the blogging game. I’ve done pretty good for myself, and I have even more to be accomplished.


I look to the hills! Where will I find help? 
It will come from the Lord, who created the heavens and the earth.

The scripture, above, is one I’ve been leaning on during this time of transition. I advise you to find a scripture (or quote) to help you manage you feelings and keep the faith when times are hard. Please believe, challenges aren’t created to kill you, but only make you stronger. Lastly, everyone goes through something. If you are alive, you are gonna go through a tough time. Let the feelings wash over you, then find your tribe, your quote, and lean on your past accomplishments to push you forward. Please believe, WE GOT THIS!

Photos by D. Brown Photography

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands
Click the pic for shopping details

When I saw these platform mules from Strategia, I knew I had to create a look! These mules are giving me UPDATED late 90’s vibes and I am HERE for it. I love a shoe that can give you a bit of height, but still be comfortable. So, I came up with this cute summer look to inspire you to run your errands in style!

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS end up running into someone I know (or someone I want to know better) when I’m looking busted and disgusted. So, I’ve been trying to make an effort to look a bit cuter when I’m out & about. I’m going to take my own advice, and find a similar look like the one above. You know I’ll post OOTD’s on my IG and on the blog!


MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms


I know this is a weird title for an Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) post but I thought I’d address some stuff as it pertains to fashion and fatness. A couple of months ago I posted the look I wore for the Nashville Symphony Ball. As always, I post my looks on my instagram and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Usually, my comments thread is pretty positive. But as the popularity grows, I see new followers and new commentary. On this day, when I posted my symphony story, someone made a snide comment about my fat arms.

Initially, I was a bit shocked. Like I said, I hadn’t received negative comments on my photos. That day was a different day. After my initial shock, I thought about it – people are so used to plus-size women covering up. EVEN in this day of plus-size model Tess Holiday, getting national and international modeling jobs, people still feel ‘some kinda way’ about big women being okay with her big-ness. Truthfully, I used to feel the same way . . .

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Hello July! We are half-way there!

photo by D. Brown Photography

Hola Fab Family!

Can you believe it already the middle of the year! I can say that this year has been quite the challenge, but I’ve been succeeding. I haven’t worked this hard as a blogger/influencer/person who posts on the internet, in a long time! Oh, and this is my official NINTH year blogging! WHAT? Some days I want to give up, but most days, blogging saves my life. Blogging gets me out of bed. Knowing that what I post, may help someone have better confidence, is what keeps me going!

So what’s happening on the blog this month:

  •  The #ShowYourArms campaign is going STRONG! Have you checked out the hashtag on Instagram? We are up to 338 tags! My goal is 1000 tags on Instagram. Make sure you tag your photos. I share the tagged photos on my Instagram profile every Thursday/Friday.
  • I have several brand collaborations coming up including Jord Watches and CurvyCo.com. Wanna collaborate with me, send me a message, I love sharing new brands with my readers.
  • The Nashville Curves, Class of 2017, is shooting this month! Wait until you guys see the new class! You are gonna be blown away by all the fab beauty! Oh . . . and there’s a plus-size meet-up coming soon!
  • Speaking of meet-ups, I’m happy to announce that I am on the blogger/media team for The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo! The TCFStyle Expo is the premier plus-size event for fashionistas, bloggers, and vendors. Hosted in Atlanta, attendees shop, get educated about plus-size issues, and watch dynamic entertainers. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

So, make sure you are following me on the socials: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. I post something different on every platform to keep you entertained. Oh yeah, join the newsletter, it’s become the spot for fashionable motivation! Let’s make July count!!