Style File: Air Max Day 2022

I’m rocking Air Max 90 “Air Sprung

It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s Air Max Day! March 26, 1987, Nike dropped its first Air Max sneaker design. It was the first shoe that showcased Nike’s ‘Air Bubble’ technology. From that day the Air Max became a staple in their arsenal and shoe that went from the track to the city!

The Air Max 95 was the most controversial design of the time!

Read 5 facts about Air Max

When readers ask me what shoe should they purchase to get into the ‘sneaker culture’ I always tell them to start with an Air Max. It’s versatile, it’s comfortable, there’s so many style concepts, and it’s an easy shoe to purchase. Unlike Jordan’s, there’s ALWAYS a pair of Air Max on the Nike website so that instant gratification is Chefs Kiss 😘.

Air Max Day with my squad

For the past couple years I’ve assembled my fave sneaker style influencers to celebrate Air Max Day! 2022 was no different! I asked my homies Canesha and Tierra to come through and we took over downtown Nashville! We headed to the Tennessee State Capital with my fave photographer (Moments by Mama Bear) and videographer (ShotXSi) to showcase our sneaker style.

Check out Air Max Day with my 2021 squad

Check out Canesha, Tierra, and Myself styling on the state capital!

Meet Tierra and Canesha – my Air Max Day 2022 Crew! Like any good friendship we all met online! I’m here to say that online friends can turn into real-life homies. Both of these ladies are amazing lifestyle bloggers. They share their fashion, food, and fun times across various platforms. Seriously, I’m so honored to have these ladies in my life. We’ve helped each other through some tough times and have shared a lot of laughs. Also, we all just love sneakers and sneaker culture.

Canesha was a fan of my book Jack and Ahlia – one day she cornered me at an influencer event. She demanded to know “what happens next” she had me cracking up about her review of my book. After that we’ve been friends for life. Canesha is new to the sneaker game, but home girl has acquired quite a collection. I love how she pairs her southern style and charm with a pair of fresh kicks! Definitely one to watch as she enhances her collection this year. Catch us sending links back & forth as we get frustrated with the SNKRS app.

I met Tierra at a Plus Size Fashion Event. We realized that our closets are so similar we may be twins! Like it’s no joke we own so many of the same items – we endearingly call each other ‘Twin’ online. Tierra is a #AtlBlogger but she’s actually an MTSU grad with lots of family in our city. So you know anytime she comes to town, we gotta hang. What I love about Tierra’s sneaker style is that she’s not afraid to try different brands. Some sneaker wears get caught up with one style, but if you follow Tierra’s ‘15 Days of Sneaker Style’ you’ll be so inspired to step out your box.

Y’all know we had fun shooting together. And I love how your personal style can shine through when rocking your favorite shoes. Make sure to follow Canesha, Tierra, and myself on Instagram to see more sneaker style and our Air Max Day exclusives!

Happy Air Max Day!

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