STYLE FILE: Air Max Day 2021

Air Max Day is celebrated on April 26 every year. It’s a celebration of Nike’s most famous shoe design and sneaker style worldwide! This year, I decided to team up with some of my favorite Nashville creatives to celebrate one of my favorite made-up holidays.

Air Max Day in Nashville

Let me introduce you to four of my favorite people and sneaker collectors. Yes, Nashville is more than cowboy boots and sequins. We have an amazing sneaker community and tons of sneaker collectors. Of course, the collectors are amazing entrepreneurs and creators, so I had to spotlight them.

Meet my Nashville Sneaker Friends

Meet Manny, Kina, LaKeya, and Josh

Meet Josh: Artist, Entrepreneur, and Shoe Designer – Josh says his style is urban with a classic twist. If you know Josh is very chill. But talking to Josh you find he’s a wealth of information about creative endeavors. And yes, you read it right, he’s shoe designer!

ON FOOT: Air Max 1 – ‘Watermelons’ with customized tongue (vintage)

Meet Kina: Personal Shopper & Vintage Style Curator – By day Kina as e-commerce manger that has amazing personal style. Kina says she fell in love with sneakers in high school with her first pair of Air Force 1’s and hasn’t turned back since. I asked if money was no object, what sneakers would she buy? Kina said, ‘ALL OF THEM!’

ON FOOT: AIR MAX 1 – Spiral Sage

Meet LaKeya: As soon as someone showed me LaKeya’s profile, I knew I had to meet her. LaKeya’s style is updated enhance Athleisure. I mean, her husband happens to be the head basketball coach at Tennessee State University but LaKeya is the leader of fashion at their house. She says her closet is a mix of heels and sneakers, but sneakers are her first love.

ON FOOT: Air Max Viva

Meet Manny: Community Engager & Style Influencer – Manny has a knack for connection. Through style-led events, Manny has become one of Nashville’s primary purveyors of style. What I love about Manny is that he doesn’t let an item take over the look. When I see a pair of Air Max as just a sneaker – Manny would rock them with a tuxedo and makes sense!

ON FOOT: Air Max 97 – Ale Brown and Black

It’s ya girl FabGlance! I’ll talk more about my look in a separate post. But of course I had to get a new pair of Air Max for Air Max Day 2021. Y’all know my have Air Max are the 95s. Truly, hip-hop made me fall in love with Air Max. All my fave rappers wore them, so I wanted them too. But I was 21 years old when I got my first pair! Because, listen, sneakers are expensive (and that was in the 90s!).

ON FOOT: Air Max 95 – Recycled Denim

Thank you for celebrating Air Max Day 2021 with me and my fashionable friends. Make sure you click the links to follow these amazing creators. They are just a small glimpse of the amazing style that floats through NASHVILLE.

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