Fashion Friday: No more Casual Friday’s

Can you believe we’ve been in this pandemonium for a FULL YEAR!? This time last year I surely thought I’d be back in the office within 90 days. Boy, were we wrong! Among the many things I miss about working on campus (I worked at a college), I miss casual Friday and office gossip! So, this look, sponsored by Dia & Co brought back sweet memories!

Who’s wearing jeans at the house?

Y’all, these jeans are my new favorite jeans. And yo, who’s wearing JEANS to work from home? ME! I’m not a Jean girl, but these Acela Destructed Boyfriend Jeans have done their thing! I live the details AND love the length. Great transitional jeans for spring. I’m wearing a size 28, and could go down a size (truthfully).

Also, this shirt is so comfy! Even though I’ll be working from home til at least September 2022 – this comfy cotton, yet zoom worthy shirts, are the THING TO WEAR! Plus, as these weird spring days that are warm but cool at night, this is a great shirt to wear and layer under a nice jacket.

Do you miss the office?

The introvert in me was real hype to work from home. But now I’ve surprised myself about wanting to go back to work. But not everyday. If we could go to the office three days a week and stay home for the other two, I’d be good.

I even miss those dumb icebreaker games and team building activities. Aww man, I miss the homies and the office gossip. The only gossip at my house is who is gonna take the trash out tonight?

So, if you want to create a Casual Friday essence, and attempt to wear jeans during this panini press, try the Dia & Co plus-size site to get a pair of amazing jeans and another zoom worthy shirt!

Shop Dia & Co today! Then send me some of your fave office gossip!

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