Fashion Friday: Ivy Park can have my money

Today, Beyonce drops her fourth collection with Adidas – Icy Park aka Icy Park. Ivy Park is an Athleisure brand that’s more about being cute and less about working out. But, you COULD workout in it. It’s also size and gender inclusive – meaning everyone can rock it. And, Every drop sells out immediately which makes you feel super exclusive if you can get some.

Ivy Park loves every BODY

Back in November, I got my hands on the second launch of Ivy Park. That’s when I fell in love. Beyonce and the Ivy Park team made it right because the first drop was NOT size inclusive and didn’t offer gender neutral designs. Second launch she gave it all to us – sizes up to 4x and gender neutral designs.

Ivy Park and Adidas tried to make the second collection easier to purchase. Allowing a rolling drop: UK & Australia first then the US. In addition you could purchase in an Adidas store, on ASOS, and on Still the collection sold out in 5min on both rollouts.

Why I love Ivy Park

I was already falling into an Adidas addiction when I purchased a pair of Ozweegos sneakers (shown above). I forgot how I loved the fit of Adidas athletic wear. It’s true to size and lasts forever. So when I was able to get some Ivy Park, I was made a believer.

Beyonce and the team really hit it out the park with those drops. Each theme gets more creative. Each drop becomes more accessible. The price point is more attainable. And, the sizing is more cohesive.

Ivy Park for Plus Size and Tall?

If you are plus size and want to try the Ivy Park collection, understand the sizing. With the Ivy Park – Icy Park collection dropping February 19th, the Adidas team is more descriptive in their sizing. The oversized prices are truly oversized (even the plus size pieces). The fitted pieces are true to size.

In these photos I’m wearing a 4x in the oversized design and could have easily went down a size. The collections are tall girl friendly, the pants and leggings are for average height. So be careful. The haven’t purchased the men’s or gender neutral designs – those bottoms may be longer.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about joining the Ivy Park game, Fab Glance says DO IT. You gotta do it at least once. The ICY PARK designs (aka Drop 4) are the most creative yet. Follow me on Instagram so I can see your pick-ups!

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