Why OnlyFans brought me back to my blog!

Whew Chile! I really abandoned my website. But that stops today. Where have I been? Loving, fighting, and promoting my work on Instagram. I know, I know! The main person who told you not to put all your eggs in one social media basket, did that very thing. But, a recent announcement from OnlyFans brought me back to home base. Let’s discuss.

2020 was a doozy and 2021 has been a challenge. As an influencer, most brands don’t care if you have a website, a Twitter, or any other platform. They just want to see your Instagram. However, INSTAGRAM is just rental property. They can take away our profiles anytime they choose. Knowing this, I need to re-train myself to showcase my partnerships and projects on the website I own and pay for. I need to be disciplined and consistent. Also, I have SO MANY PHOTOS to share!

Recently, the users of OnlyFans found out that the majority of their money-making content would no longer be promoted on the website. Basically, sex-workers who profited off their work are being pushed from the site. Their content blocked and their livelihoods destroyed. Its a sad reminder that THESE SITES DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

OnlyFans is another example of Digital Rental Property. When the owners/creators decide to change course, you may be left out to dry. You must create your own ISH. You gotta keep your websites updated. You have to create a space that Google says belongs to you.

So, hey-girl-hey! I’m back. My goal is to post here once or twice a week. Let’s start with once. I’ve got so much to share and so many fashions. Literally, these phots are from this spring! And look at me! So cute!

Of course, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But look for me weekly here too. Heck, I pay enough for this space to exist. Let me stop wasting money. And you do the same! 😉

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