Why OnlyFans brought me back to my blog!

Whew Chile! I really abandoned my website. But that stops today. Where have I been? Loving, fighting, and promoting my work on Instagram. I know, I know! The main person who told you not to put all your eggs in one social media basket, did that very thing. But, a recent announcement from OnlyFans brought me back to home base. Let’s discuss. 2020 was a … Continue reading Why OnlyFans brought me back to my blog!

Blogger Life: I’m in an Old Navy Commercial! 3 Tips for booking BIG BRANDS!

I’m in an Old Navy commercial, and almost forget to tell you! July 14th Old Navy launched their ‘We Are We’ campaign. The campaign was Old Navy’s commitment ‘equality, celebrating differences, and advocating for every voice’. Of course, I was so happy to be apart of this amazing mission. But how did all this happen? Well, keep reading! I have THREE tips for you. Are … Continue reading Blogger Life: I’m in an Old Navy Commercial! 3 Tips for booking BIG BRANDS!

MOTIVATION: Losing confidence during COVID

I think my confidence levels are falling and I blame COVID. I’ve chosen to stay home as much as possible to help flatten the curve – it’s TOUGH! I currently work from home and tend to only leave my house once a week. I go to the grocery store, sometimes I go take photos for my social media & the blog, and very sparingly I’ll … Continue reading MOTIVATION: Losing confidence during COVID

Hello August: Let look at those goals!

Omg! It’s the first day of August, 2020. Real talk, this year has been the most wild year of my entire life! What makes this year so wild is that EVERYONE is going through it too! We are all trying to navigate a WILD PRESIDENT, a scary pandemic, and continued social injustices (#BlackLivesSTILLmatter). It’s ALOT! With all the stress of 2020 it’s easy to let … Continue reading Hello August: Let look at those goals!

What I’ve learned after 12 years of blogging

I haven’t written a blog post in two months! But thought I should return to my first love after Facebook alerted me that it’s my blog’s 12 year anniversary. I looked at the app surprised! I’ve been in the game 12 years? That’s wild! So I decided to discuss what I’ve learned by creating my little space on the Internet.

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#FabGlance: A year in Review – 2019

It’s the last day of the year – WE MADE IT! Everyone is posting their 2019 report card, so I thought is do the same. Overall this year was NICE TO ME. It was a year of sealing the cracks in the foundation and rebuilding. Below, I discuss my wins and some losses that allowed me to have the best year I’ve had in a long time! Continue reading “#FabGlance: A year in Review – 2019”

#BloggerLife: How to take a blog break … and stay relevant!

When you become a blogger-influencer it’s easy to get burned out! We are creating content DAILY, checking analytics, fielding emails, and representing yourself as TALENT! Yup, after awhile you’ll want to take a break – but you don’t want followers to lose interest.

While I was gone from the blog I created content for Old Navy, Jessica London, and TomBoyX. I also hit 9000 follows on Instagram!

Various photos of blogger, Fabglance, I’m collage formation

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MY STYLE: Pre-Fall Transition Looks with Jessica London

As fast as it came, it’s going to be gone! Yes, girl, summer is saying farewell and my favorite season is around the corner – FALL! Shout out to the team at Jessica London for sending me some pre-fall looks to help me transition into the new season.

Living in TN, it won’t really be pumpkin-spice-latte cold until late October/early November. So, the rule of thumb is rocking summer cuts in FALL colors. When you live in the south, it’s really hard to fully enjoy the Fall because it’s cold in the morning and blazing hot by noon. Great way to look wild and out of season! So, check out the following fall transition looks to aid you in your plus-size southern style. Continue reading “MY STYLE: Pre-Fall Transition Looks with Jessica London”

MY STYLE: The decision to TRY AGAIN

I quit my job two years ago to chase my dream. I wanted to be a full time creative: blogger, author, and digital content creator. I failed, we’ve discussed. I went back to the regular working world. My return wasn’t glorious; it was needed and necessary. Why? I was broke and broken.

Having a regular job (working for someone else) gives me structure and a paycheck. But it didn’t change my attitude. Many times I’ve showed up late or not ready to be my best at work. I didn’t want to be THERE, and it showed.

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#BloggerLife: I gave up on newsletters!

Happy first day of summer good people! Getting back on the wagon of giving you a new blogpost every week and adding a special touch, sending out a newsletter as well.

Yes, I’m going back to sending my bi-weekly newsletter as a way of keeping in contact with my diverse group of readers. As a strategist, I preach consistency. As a blogger, I haven’t been very consistent. “‘fess it, and fix it!” is what my old boss used to say, so here I am confessing.

My confession: I didn’t care about my newsletter I only cared about Instagram.

Join my newsletter

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