So I’m getting a hysterectomy: Week 2 – Questions & Answers

Last week I announced to the world about my decision to get a hysterectomy. I was not surprised when my readers had questions. Some of y’all were real nosy! But for the most part, most of the questions were pretty chill. Overall, I thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and some interesting tips for healing. I thought I’d answer some of the questions on this week’s post, so let’s get started.

Is this a total hysterectomy?

I will be receiving a partial hysterectomy. A partial hysterectomy is a type of surgery designed to remove a woman’s uterus, leaving her cervix intact (source). In addition, I’ll be able to keep my ovaries as well. When I was informed that I’d be able to keep my ovaries, I was relieved! When a person gets a total hysterectomy, taking the ovaries means sometimes pushing them into MENOPAUSE. The ovaries continue to pump out the hormones one needs to keep menopause where it needs to be (in my late 50s, early 60s).

How long does it take to heal?

Since my procedure will be done laparoscopically, I’ll have much less downtime. Hooray SCIENCE! My hysterectomy will be an out-patient procedure. I go in at 5am, surgery starts at 7am, and hopefully I’m home before 6pm. Since I’m a pretty healthy person, I’ll be on the sick & shut-in list for about four weeks.

The first two week I’ve been told to do absolutely nothing but rest, read books, walk up & down my staircase, and binge watch streaming tv. The second two weeks I can ease back into regular life by: taking 10-20min walks, working remotely a couple hours a day, light chores, and even some driving. When I had my first fibroid surgery, I felt capable around week two, but I’d get tired real easy. So this time (since I’m older) I’m gonna take it nice and slow so my body can heal most effectively.

So you REALLY don’t want kids?

This is when y’all got REAL nosy! I laugh, but it’s interesting to me how many people were clocking my uterus production schedule. I guess I’ve never been one to blog about my thoughts on families and kids. although I really LOVE KIDS I’ve never been enamored with giving birth.

Being an influencer and social media strategist is my SECONDARY job. My primary job is youth development. I’ve worked with young people for most of my life. I love being around kids (all ages) and I’m the best big cousin, godmother, baby sitter, and all-around kid wrangler. From babies to teens, the kids love FabGlance! Maybe in my next chapter, after finding a great guy, and getting married, I’ll consider adoption. But I’m more than fine being apart of some kid’s village.

What if the guy you meet REALLY wants kids?

Chile . . . well I guess I’m not the one for him. I mean, I can’t make my body do magic AND I’ve never wanted to be pregnant. Luckily, 90% of the men I’ve dated didn’t want kids. Those who did want kids were not READY to be fathers at the time (barely ready to be good partners).

I can admit, when I made a decision to tell the world about my hysterectomy, I was a bit scared of what the men would think. I mean, I’m just swimming with secret admirers in these streets! 😅 But, if my future bae is reading this, then he’s ok with my lack of uterus. On top of that, women aren’t JUST here to have babies. I have tons of amazing qualities that make me an absolutely dope human being and I’d be a lovely addition to your life!

Are you afraid?

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t afraid! I’m afraid of the pain and the time it takes to heal. I’m afraid that something might go wrong while I’m on the table. I’m afraid my body won’t work sexually after the surgery. I’m afraid of depression and anxiety that some people experience after having a hysterectomy. I’m afraid that I won’t heal as quickly as others have healed. I’m afraid of the weight GAIN that some have experienced after hysterectomy. And, I’m afraid that this may be the beginning of even more health issues.

BUT . . .

I have faith. I write those fears because I know that the act of releasing them into the universe will free my mind of worry. I already have diagnosed anxiety, so my job is to best operate in ways that will keep my anxiousness at bay. I’m also BLESSED to have a great circle of friends and family who I can share my fears with. I have friends who have gone through this journey and have assured me that it is MUCH better on the other side. Also, we PRAY! And I believe the prayers of those who love GOD are heard by the Almighty. Stepping forward while being afraid is an act of bravery and I’m steadily moving.

Click here to contribute to my healing fund

Next week I’m gonna share my list of everything I’ve been doing to prepare my body for this surgery! WHEW! The amazon boxes just keep coming and the amount of water I’ve been drinking . . . whew!

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