So I’m getting a hysterectomy: Week 3 – Am I really ready?

Listen, when I tell you these days are flying by, I tell no lies. For so long it felt like my surgery date was SO far away! Now it’s right up on us! Imma keep it real with you all, I almost called my surgeon and told her to cancel it! You wanna know why? Keep reading!

Why I wanted to cancel my hysterectomy

Well, fear is first and most obvious reaction. Like, I’m not scared about it all the time but sometimes the fear just creeps up on me. Like, what if something goes wrong? What if I’m the one in a million patient where the medical team makes a big mistake? What if, what if, what if! But I had to settle myself by thinking of all the STRONG women in my life who have went through this process. And, ALL of those women report that life is so much SWEETER on the other side. Yeah, the 4-6 weeks of healing is a journey, but wow my quality of life is gonna be so much better.

The second reason why I thought abut canceling my hysterectomy appointment is because, y’all, I’ve stopped bleeding! YO! WHOA! OMG! Everyone come see! I mean, don’t come see; just keep reading. I don’t know what my body is doing but it’s not bleeding. Freaking miracle. I haven’t enjoyed this life since early 2020! I don’t know if it’s the birth control or a psychosomatic response to . . . I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I know that I’m about to end the journey with my uterus? Either way, it had me thinking everything was cool.

That was until I realized I’m just as tired and worn down as usual. Also, my body is still cramping. So, Ms. Uterus may not be putting on the ‘show’ but she still acting like she don’t want to be here.

I’m packing Ms. Uterus’s bags!

So, I think I’m ready . . .

With 7 days left until the big event – I’ve decided to share my preparation list with you. After alot of research, talking to friends, and realizing what I need to feel safe – I came up with a list of items for hysterectomy recovery. If you are reading this, preparing for your hysterectomy, I hope this list will help you feel prepared and safe. I feel much less fearful now that I have all my things! Also, who doesn’t love packages coming to the door: (affiliate links attached)

  • To make going to the bathroom easier: A raised toilet seat – great for those first two weeks as you regain your core strength
  • To make clean-up more efficient: Cottonelle Flushable Wipes XL – because I won’t be able to take bath/shower for the first few days. These double as wipes for your bottom and for your body
  • To make sure I catch all the shows: A new Amazon Firestick – my bedroom tv needed a streaming upgrade so, Firestick to the rescue.
  • To make sure I have a bit of independence: Reacher Grabber Tool – because who wants to keep calling those relatives for every little thing. Also this came highly recommended by my hysterectomy warriors
  • To help me sleep comfortably and safely: U Shaped Body Pillow – I’m a side & stomach sleeper. I knew I was gonna need something to aid in my sleeping comfort the first couple weeks.
  • To eat, work, and play, in the bed: Adjustable Laptop Desk for bed & couch – Technically, I can work from home on week 3 but before that I’ll spend majority of time laying down. This will help.
  • To support my core as it heals: Wide Abdominal Belly Wrap (Plus-Size) – This was the most recommended item from every list. Something like a belly binder, this wrap help alleviate soreness, retrain muscles, and offer support.
  • To ease digestion, strengthen immunity, and alleviate swelling: Natural Cold-Pressed Juices – I’m a JUICE GIRL and I believe in the power of juicing. Juice Nashville will deliver juices to my door my first week home to help my body heal (and my bowels move)
  • Also not listed: New pillows and sheets, a new fancy robe, some super soft PJs, new undies, and fuzzy socks.
Ready to get this thing done!

So, yeah, I think I’m ready. I have some cleaning to do at my house this week. Some bedroom rearranging to make life a bit easier. But other than that, I think I’m ready for the sweet anesthesia to take me away. Once again, THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED TO MY HEALING FUND! The cash donations are how I purchased all the things on my recovery list. If you’d like donate, CLICK HERE.

Catch up on Week 1 and Week 2 of my journey here.

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