Hysterectomy Journey: 5 months post op!

Wow! It’s been 5 months since I had my hysterectomy and wow, LIFE IS DIFFERENT! It was my pure intention to give you weekly, then monthly updates on this journey. But, life be life-ing. So, let’s discuss because I know you have questions.

Yes, I’m happy I did it.

When I said I was getting hysterectomy, so many people said I’d be SO HAPPY that I did it. And you know what, they were right. As a person who got her period when she was 10 years old, I can say that I’m happy to not have it anymore.

As you know, before my hysterectomy I was having serious complications (excessive bleeding, fibroids, fatigue, etc). If having my uterus didn’t make my life so complicated – I would have kept it. But, alas, that was not my path. So, ol’ girl had to go.

Things that are THE BOMB now that I don’t have a period: TRAVELING, wearing all white in the summer, going to the gym, and buying really cute panties!

Let’s talk about SEX and PMS

After having my hysterectomy I was very worried about my sex drive. Now, I’ve never been a frequent flyer, and I currently don’t have a partner, but as the saying goes, “if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready!” And now that I don’t have a period, I was scared that my sex drive would just pass away.

Well, I’m happy to report that the sex drive is well ALIVE! Actually it’s on 10 and I’m mad I don’t have someone to get it in with! Too much info? Oh well, we grown! Y’all know wassup! Anyway, to those concerned about your sex drive after hysterectomy, I’m here to tell you that it will be new and IMPROVED!

Now, what SUCKS is I still have PMS symptoms! 😫 Since I had a partial hysterectomy (my ovaries are still in there), my body continues to create estrogen. Keeping your ovaries after hysterectomy helps you stay away from early menopause. That’s the good part.

The sucky part is that you will have 3-4 days during the month where you may experience PMS symptoms: bloating, mood swings, headaches, sensitive breasts, food cravings, etc. While annoying, it’s an indication that your ovaries are doing the right thing. And, the good news is that after those 3-4 days – no annoying period.

Weight loss and Weight Gain

Ugh, this is the part that I’m hating. The first couple weeks after my surgery I actually lost weight. I lost about 10lbs. As a plus-size person, I’m actually quite concerned about weight fluctuations. But, when I stepped on the scale a couple days ago I was not happy.

Many articles suggested that some people gain weight after hysterectomy surgery. This weight gain has a lot to do with your hormones resetting and your body healing. Suggested weight gain is between 10-20lbs. Ugh! Yup, it got me!

But, since I’m healed and feeling SO GOOD, your girl is back in the gym. I did my FIRST abdominal circuit 3 weeks ago! No issues. I’m doing lots of cardio, lifting weights, and adding more natural foods to my diet. Oh yeah, I started teaching myself how to play basketball! Check out my basketball chronicles on Instagram! My body FEELS better and stronger. Those lbs will start dropping soon.

Mental Health Matters

Along with weight gain, many people may experience depression (or depressive episodes) after having a hysterectomy. Depression can be caused by MANY factors. After a hysterectomy some depressive episodes are caused by the fluctuations as your hormones are trying to balance.

Your girl got hit with some light depression afterwards. As someone who has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was expecting some symptoms to occur. I’m happy that I have friends and family to talk to. My episode wasn’t BAD but it was an indicator that I’ll be going BACK to therapy to navigate the sneaky emotions that flutter through my mind.

The wild thing about having a hysterectomy is coming to terms with no longer having a uterus. What does this mean for people who are female presenting (and cis gendered)? So much of traditional femininity is wrapped up in our ability to make the babies.

With the recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade, I was made to feel like my voice didn’t matter due to my lack of uterus. I actually had an Instagram follower say I should feel “… lucky because I don’t have to deal with ‘all that’ because I beat republicans to the punch.” 😡 So just because I can’t make the babies means I shouldn’t care about those who can? Wow!

If I let my mind go to the dark place, comments like the one above would have sent me over the edge. Thank GOD I have tools to manage my depression and friends who remind me of my worth & femininity.

What happens now?

Well, the Hysterectomy Chronicles have come to an end. I’m thankful to everyone who supported me in this journey. Also, hello to those embarking on this ride. You can always send me a message and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have about your hysterectomy choice.

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