Creator Chat: Instagram updates (July 2022)

It’s time for my weekly Creator Chat! Now that I’m done with my hysterectomy series I’m ready to get back to helping you be a better creator & influencer. Today we are tackling the recent Instagram changes!

Yes, Instagram is FRUSTRATING but if you choose to stay in this creative space, it’s still an important tool in your tool box. So let’s talk about the recent updated.

No more square photos!

Last week, IG’s CEO, Adam Moseri rocked our world when he announced the latest updates. One of the most notable changes is the farewell to square photos. This is a huge departure from the foundation of Instagram. But this change is consistent with what the app is aiming to do, keep users on the app longer, make the scroll more cohesive, and seemingly bring back dynamic photography 🥴

I’ve always been a fan of the 3:4 (longer) photo option but I do understand the frustration. For more than 5 years we were trained on the square. Now, it’s different and this difference can stifle creativity.

All videos will be reels

So, the reason why your photos will be posted is 3:4 (vertical rectangle) ratio is to keep up the look of reels (short form video) on the timeline. IG wants to look seamless. The app had discarded IGTV (it’s failed attempt to rival YouTube) and is sticking with reels – reminiscent of their largest competitor, TIKTOK!

With the new change, everyone has access to 90 sec clips (3mins is coming soon), reels templates, expanded music selection, and the ability to ‘remix’ other users video content.

Are we happy that Instagram is attempting an ALL video platform? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Almost every creator I know is longing for the days of posting pretty photos for followers, friends and family. It doesn’t take the sting away that some users are still being shadow-banned and deprioritized when they post content. While bots continue to run rampant on the platform.

But, like I said, Instagram is a tool in your creative tool box, so we play along without letting it stress us out.

You can pin posts

Now this is a feature I really like. You can ‘pin’ or FEATURE more important/dynamic posts at the top of your feed. This is a way to introduce new followers to what is most important about who you are as a creator.

Believe it or not, followers do leave the timeline (or stories) to come to you page. Having your TOP 3 important posts pinned to your profile is an excellent way to showcase who you are.

You can pin an important photo series or reel. Make sure that cover photo is dynamic so it captures the attention of your audience and keeps them on your profile LONGER.

Do we love these changes?

Overall, we hate it. Actually, we hate Instagram’s new emphasis on VIDEOS. But as a creator we must master it, utilize when necessary, and take breaks when we feel burnt out. The emphasis on video content for a platform that was once a photo sharing app is VERY annoying.

Every app is fighting for our time – especially Instagram. Videos keep users on the platform, which allows brands to market to you, and makes you spend more money.

There was a time when each app had its purpose and users were excited to move from app to app getting their entertainment. Now it seems daunting. Instagram was once the number one app on the block. But during quarantine, TikTok stole the show. Now, we have a new way of doing things – and it kinda sucks.

Remember your website

I want you to stop getting so discouraged about Instagram and spend some time on your WEBSITE/BLOG. It is the place where you should post your most dynamic content. From video to photo series, your blog should be the place where content lives. Remember, IG posts aren’t searchable on Google – but blog posts are!

Always remember, social media apps don’t belong to us. They are free tools. If the companies decide to close – all your hard work could be gone.

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