HELLO SEPTEMBER: Let’s set some intentions

HELLO SEPTEMBER! August was ALOT but we made it! I know I’ve been missing from this blog space, but my family was calling and I had to answer. However, I’m excited about September, it has always been a refreshing month for me. Now, I feel a bit more balanced and I’m ready to set an re-evaluate my Fall goals.

Woman standing in green sweater dress and boots
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So, below I’ve listed some of my difficult yet achievable goals. Listen, I WILL reach them this month:

blogging weekly – because I’ve been missing! But I’m back baby.
heading to the gym 4x a week – I have a goal to lose 50lbs by thanksgiving. I’m already 10lbs down.
Self-care (massage & chiropractor) – ok, the family stuff stresses me out. My shoulder be tight all the time! I need to be more attentive to that matter.
cut unintentional spending by 50% – ok, I was stress shopping for the past two months. We OFF THAT! I’m gonna tell me NO more often.

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Also, let’s get into this lovely sweater dress gifted from ELOQUII! This Puff Sleeve Cardigan Sweater dress is just the yummiest thing! I’m so excited to wear this dress with jeans and by itself. Now listen, TN got a another couple weeks til sweater weather, but I’m ready to get my looks together today!

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My intentions are set and I’m ready to go. Y’all hold me accountable. 😉 COME follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Let’s hold each other accountable and tell me your intentions.

Say it with me now!

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