#15MinsofFAB: Staying in your lane! 

This week on the #15MinutesofFab Facebook Livestream I’ll be discussing: fashion, blogging, and staying in your lane. I’ve had so many people asking me, “How do you like blogging full-time? How have you found your niche?” 

Have you asked yourself these questions? Are you trying to start a style blog? Let’s talk about it! Leave your comments below and join me live on Facebook and Instagram. 

#15minutesofFAB – Staying in your lane

Every Monday, 6p CST, I jump on Facebook Live (then on Instagram) to discuss life, style, & blogging with my Fab Family! Tune in every week for a little slice of my life and some advice from an old lady in the game. Lol! I’ll answer your questions every week in a friendly chat. Let’s have fun! 

MOTIVATION: Where to start?

When you don’t know where to start, just go to a place you miss so much.” – Unknown

It might sound crazy to start a ‘Motivation’ piece with the topic of confusion, but some of my best motivating moments were born when I was most confused. After quitting my job, this summer has been all about confusion. When I thought I was on the right path, the universe sent me several curveballs. Basically, it ain’t that easy. 

It felt like I almost needed to start again. Then, I was blessed with this new website design, and my passion for blogging and telling my story was reignited. As the quote above suggests, I needed to go to the place I missed so much. For me, it was the blog. Just telling my story and using my words. 

When I started blogging, you didn’t have to have professional photos, know the latest in technology, or fight the machine that is instagram. Interest was organic and people were drawn to the simple story of your life. Whether you told that story through cooking, fashion, making music, or even bird whatching, there was an audience for you. Everyone had a lane.

Often, when I’m asked about starting a blog,  people point out the superficial: the free stuff, the photos, and the attention. Listen, it comes. But don’t let the pursuit of those things distract you from telling your story. There has to be a reason that you want to share your life with the world … and it need to be more than a free ticket to Disney Land. Find your lane, help your tribe. 

So that’s my suggestions for this week. Think about the place you miss so much (literally or figuratively). Why do you miss it? Why did you leave? How can you center yourself enough to share your story and help others? The motivation you need is found in clearing your path! 

Have a FAB week! 

Have you joined the #ShowYourArms Squad? 

The #ShowYourArms squad is rolling DEEP for Summer 2017! Have you kept up worth the hashtag on Instagram? We are almost at 500 tags and that’s amazing. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from the plus-size community and women in general. 

You never know who’s struggling and who’s overcome their body image struggles. That’s why this campaign is not just for Plus-Size women, it’s for all women! So, check out the hashtag on all social media platforms and then, TAG YOUR PHOTOS! I want to see you #ShowYourArms this summer! 

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Hello July! We are half-way there!

photo by D. Brown Photography

Hola Fab Family!

Can you believe it already the middle of the year! I can say that this year has been quite the challenge, but I’ve been succeeding. I haven’t worked this hard as a blogger/influencer/person who posts on the internet, in a long time! Oh, and this is my official NINTH year blogging! WHAT? Some days I want to give up, but most days, blogging saves my life. Blogging gets me out of bed. Knowing that what I post, may help someone have better confidence, is what keeps me going!

So what’s happening on the blog this month:

  •  The #ShowYourArms campaign is going STRONG! Have you checked out the hashtag on Instagram? We are up to 338 tags! My goal is 1000 tags on Instagram. Make sure you tag your photos. I share the tagged photos on my Instagram profile every Thursday/Friday.
  • I have several brand collaborations coming up including Jord Watches and CurvyCo.com. Wanna collaborate with me, send me a message, I love sharing new brands with my readers.
  • The Nashville Curves, Class of 2017, is shooting this month! Wait until you guys see the new class! You are gonna be blown away by all the fab beauty! Oh . . . and there’s a plus-size meet-up coming soon!
  • Speaking of meet-ups, I’m happy to announce that I am on the blogger/media team for The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo! The TCFStyle Expo is the premier plus-size event for fashionistas, bloggers, and vendors. Hosted in Atlanta, attendees shop, get educated about plus-size issues, and watch dynamic entertainers. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

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#15minutesofFAB: How to dress well while losing weight

Hey guys! If you didn’t know I do a weekly Style Chat on Facebook Live called #15MinutesofFab. I take 15 (sometimes 30 minutes) to have a quick chat with my followers. It’s a great way to talk about personal style, answer questions, and offer advice. I had a ton of requests to make a post about each topic we discuss on Tuesday. So, of course, I had to oblige.

This week, we are talking about ‘Dressing Well, While Losing Weight‘. It’s a big question that troubles many as they start on their fitness journey. I’ve worked with clients who’ve lost a small and large amounts of weight, but haven’t let go of their OLD clothes. The biggest concerns are fear, cost, and confidence. How do you get over these real threats to your personal style:

  • Fear – It’s about the fear of GAINING the weight back after you’ve gotten rid of the clothes. My answer, ” . . . and WHAT IF you do?”. It will be hard to deal with, but I’m an advocate of looking your best NO MATTER your size. If, through life’s circumstances, you do gain the weight back, you’ll buy new clothes to help you feel good again. Most of the time, you want to wear your old clothes, anyway, so why hold on.
  • Cost – Really and TRULY, buying new clothes is hard on the wallet, especially if you feel like you are repeating yourself. Why buy new pair of pants, when I spent so much money on the one’s I’ve been wearing for the last year? It’s a question, but if those pants don’t look good anymore, why keep them? Often I tell my clients to set a clothing budget according to their expenses. Some people may only be able to afford one piece a month, others more. Also, invest in QUALITY apparel that can be tailored. That will def keep cost lower than buying a whole new wardrobe.
  • Confidence – This ties back into FEAR. You’ve worked hard for your new body, you have to get to a place where you are fine with showing the fruits of your labor. Some people don’t nbuy new clothes due to feeling like they still look fat (or big, or out of shape). While everyone is waiting for the debut of Ms. New Body! This is the time when you go get fitted for a look that you would have never worn. Sometimes bringing that new piece into the collection kicks off a whole new level of weight loss style.

Below, I’ve developed some looks to help you transition while you lose weight. Also, I’ll give you some tips for looking good, losing weight, and staying FAB!

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#LoseWeight #StayFAB • what to wear while losing weight - 1

From GYM to DRINKS: As you are in you fitness journey you’ll realize you spend way more time in yoga pants or tights than you do in regular clothes. Investing in a good pair of fitness leggings, that can transition from day to night will help you feel FAB while you lose weight. Also, purchasing clothes that will grow (or shrink) with you helps you cost over time. Lots of looks are FITTED so you can still lose 10-20lbs without buying a replacement. Suggestions: black leggings, loose tanks, cotton tees, and great accessories

#WhatToWear: Losing weight, on the job

Work-wear Realness: It’s easy to transition from the gym to running errands on a saturday, while wearing your fitness look. BUt what happens when your WORK CLOTHES start looking baggy. You’ll find yourself feeling bad because you are losing weight, but not looking fly! Skirts are your best friend at this time. Actually, buying separates will help you feel fly on a dime. This pleated skirt with elstic waist can go the distance during your weight loss journey. Additionally fitted cotton tees and sweaters, will add some variety to your wardrobe. Suggestions: ribbed tees, cashmere sweaters, skirts and dress that can be tailored, and great accessories like belts & brooches.

#WhatToWear: Lose Weight, Look Cute

Show-Up and Show Out – You’ve finally conquered your fear of buying new clothes for your new body. Now it’s time to have fun! Try looks that you’ve been afraid to try: Bodycon dresses, luxury pieces, and fashion sneakers, are some of my fave ways to play with my new body proportions. I’m a fan of buying dresses I can wear day AND night with just a change of heels and bag.

So, I hope my tips can help you feel better about looking great WHILE losing weight. Don’t be afraid to purge that closet. You can even do a give away, thrift, consignment, or clothing swap, to help cut the costs of building a new wardrobe. Remember, be patient with yourself and your body. You didn’t build your current wardrobe in one day, and you have a lifetime to build a new one!

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YouTube: Happy Birthday – Faith not Fear!

Oh snap! It’s my birthday! To tell you the truth, I wasn’t so jazzed about this birthday. Admittedly, quitting my job has been the best and most difficult time in my life. Sometimes I feel like I did the right thing, others times, not so much. However, I talked to a couple friends, prayed, and counted my blessings. Things could be worse, and the aren’t as bad as it seem.

Ler me fix my crown AND my attitude!

So, after my birthday photo shoot, I decided to film a quick video to encourage myself, AND YOU to have FAITH not fear. The biggest thing I struggled with is the fear of getting old and not being as successful as I thought I’d be. But I have to remember, God gives you what you need, when you need it, and when you can handle it. Best believe, I’m blessed, but I can’t wait for more! Check out my video below:

Tell me how you conquer your fears in the comment section. Thanks for the birthday wishes. If you qant to give me a gift, check out my wish list, or donate to my Paypal! Love y’all, thanks for reading!

5 BEST MOMENTS from Nashville Fashion Week 2017

Nashville Fashion Week 2017 has come to a close, but the memories are fashionably floating around our heads. I decided to compile the 7 BEST MOMENTS from Nashville Fashion Week 2017. Admittedly, it was a really cool week. The locations, the designers, and the crowd, were phenomenal. After so many years of presenting this show, it’s amazing that the Nashville Fashion Week committee could come up with new ways to make the program fresh.

With that being said, let’s get into my first BEST moment from Nashville Fashion Week:

The Show at Union Station – Hands down, the best show of the week was the Emerging Designers showcase presented at Union Station Hotel! Every year NFW hosts an outside show, and I’m excited to see what location they’ll use. I’ve always admired the Union Station Hotel for it’s historical architecture. Seeing the hotel decorated for the runway shows was an even better delight!

Photo by Abigail Bobo

Everything about Any Old Iron – The Nashville Designers Showcase is always a delight. Truthfully, I’d seen all the designers previously so I wondered what they’d have to offer. Well the designers didn’t disappoint, but the standout star of the night was Any Old Iron. Sequins, skulls, and tuxedos, OH MY (especially the sequin). From the designs to the overall presentation, the Any Old Iron showcase was a favorite among all the guests.

Photo by Codey Lewis

The Blogger Workshop – You know I’m always big on helping bloggers be better. So, I was extra happy to see NFW hosting a blogger workshop. Nashville Blogger, Chloe Wen, helped us learn how to ‘Make Money While Blogging’. Chloe quit college to become a full-time blogger and she hasn’t looked back. Chloe gave us some AMAZING tips & tricks, plus I met some new bloggers. It was a great way to network!

Photo by Alaina K Mullin

Madness Is, Splashed by D&K, and Shea Steele – I know I already gave a spotlight to Any Old Iron, but I have to give another shout-out to three amazing designers that caught my eye: Madness Is, Splashed by D&K, and Shea Steele. Seriously, if any of these designers want to start making plus-size pieces, I’ll be the first in line.

Madness Is presented an ALL BLACK modern collection with clean lines and a simple yet bold statement. The Nashville fashion brand specializes in handmade knitwear and vegan accessories. Each piece told a story without as the models came down the runway. It’s exciting to know a designer of this caliber exists in Nashville.

Madness Is – Photo: Gerry Navarette

Splashed by DKG is an up-cycled denim line with a big attitude! I had the chance to talk to the designers, Daniel and Derek, and they told me the spirit behind the line. The pair turn ‘everyday looks’ into runway worthy pieces. They strive to make customer feel like celebs as each piece is handmade and custom. Their presentation was part motivational protest and part inspirational amazingness.

Splashed by D&K – Photo: Nolan Knight

The Shea Steele collection showed during the Ready to Wear presentation. Ready-to-Wear is just as it states, each piece can be purchased as-is and the designes are ready to ship to boutiques. Something about Shea Steele’s embellished body-con looks, shift dresses, and mixed prints makes you want to buy the whole line.

Shea Steele – Photo: Alaina K Mullin

The Gorgeous and Diverse Models – I couldn’t end this story without mentioning the beautiful models. We saw familiar faces and new lovelies represented by Nashville’s top modeling agencies. I was so happy to see a diverse selection of models every night! Also, the models were so PROFESSIONAL! Meaning, when wardrobe mishaps and stage directions went wrong, the models handled it with style and grace. Loved it!

Models wearing MINXX – shot by Alaina Latona

I could go on and on about the wonder week of fashion, but I’ll stop. You can find more photos on the Nashville Fashion Week website. Did you attend the shows? What was your favorite part? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

Follow me on Youtube . . . I QUIT my JOB!

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If you follow me on instagram you already know, but I had to make it OFFICIAL on the blog. I started my Youtube channel! After months of attempting (and thinking about it) I decided to push past my fear and start my channel. I’m totaling in love with Youtube and love all my fave Youtube celebrities! I want to add my voice to the community and I want to add a new dimension to the blog.

So, what is this channel about? Well, of course, I’ll be talking about fashion! But you’ll see a monthly VLOG, motivation, and look-books. I plan to have some special guests too! I’ll be bringing you into my Fabglane Life! So, scroll down to see my VERY first video and a cool announcement.

Yup, I took the plunge! I QUIT my job to become a Full-Time Blogger! Well, not just a blogger, I’ll be wearing many hats: Personal Stylist, Content Creator, Motivational Speaker, and Fashion Guru! Quitting my job allows me to have more time to develop content for this site and be available for more PERSONAL STYLE sessions. I’ve been wanting to offer new aspects of the Fab Glance Lifestyle and ways to connect with my readers on a more personal level.

Join me on the creative entrepreneurial journey! It’s fun and scary and exciting – all at the same time! Check out my video below, and make sure to subscribe. My goal is to give you a new video every week!

Fab Newsletter: Vol 1, Issue 6 – #TreatYoSelf

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3 Ways to be #BestDressed in REAL Life!

#BestDressed Series
Some of my celeb faves: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lupita, Kourtney, Mindy, and Kerri

Have you noticed that every week we are bombarded with ‘Best Dressed’ celebs of Hollywood. Especially, NOW, during Awards Season, there are whole shows dedicated to who ran the Red Carpet. Whether you are looking at the latest gossip magazine, cruising through television stations, or scanning Instagram, you’ll see celebs being judged for what they wear. Honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming. We know they’re rich, some are talented (lol), but dang it ain’t fair that they have the money to buy all the latest fly stuff.

It’s easy to be BEST DRESSED when you have money, a style team (including hair, nails, and a trainer), and constant paparazzi documenting your every move. I have Personal Style clients who often ask me about tips to update their look. Basically, we all want to be voted BEST DRESSED at least once in our lives. I help my clients be the BEST DRESSED EVERYDAY and it’s not as hard as you think. Below, I give you some outfit inspo and quick tips to help you look your best with the stuff in your closet. Let’s get started:

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The #BestDressed Series: Winter Brunch

KEEP IT SIMPLE: My favorite celebs tend to keep it simple when they are photographed running errands. Sometimes, we tend to OVERTHINK a look. A great tip to help you not overthink is to stay in the same COLOR SCHEME. The look above features four signature items to create a comprehensive look. There doesn’t have to be a bunch of bells and whistles to make people think you have it all together. Just keep it simple, focus on statement pieces, and always feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

The #BestDressed Series: Primary Colors

PLAY WITH PATTERNS: After you’ve mastered the ‘Keep it Simple’ technique I listed above, start adding patterns to the mix. As you can see, we still have four pieces of clothing, but this look tells a story. When playing with patterns, use the thought process of staying in the SAME color scheme/anchor color (just like before). In this look, the anchoring color is BLACK with accents of  white and pops of red. Some wouldn’t have thought this graphic sweater would go with this printed skirt. Not true! Seeing color corresponding patterns matched up tricks your eyes into telling your brain to find that anchor color. Then it automatically makes sense.

The #BestDressed Series: Upgraded Errands

KEEP IT CASUAL:  Most of our days are spent going to work, running errands, and trying to ‘adult’ the best way we can. Some of us to don’t the liberty to get creative with work clothes, so focus on your casual wardrobe. Start wearing those t-shirts you’ve purchased from concerts and pair them with well-fitting jeans and a comfy sneaker or flat. It’s an INSTANT upgrade. Adding an interesting coat or jacket will level you up as well. Most people only see you during weekends, don’t run your errands looking like you just rolled out of bed.

So, those are three ways (and three looks) you can try to be BEST DRESSED in the real world. Still confused, purchase a 2-hr style session with me! Yes, girl, I can teach these steps in real life!

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