What I’ve learned after 12 years of blogging

I haven’t written a blog post in two months! But thought I should return to my first love after Facebook alerted me that it’s my blog’s 12 year anniversary. I looked at the app surprised! I’ve been in the game 12 years? That’s wild! So I decided to discuss what I’ve learned by creating my little space on the Internet.

My blogging journey

When I started writing my blog in 2008, it was more of an online journal about my love for fashion. Then it became a question & answer space for fashion questions. Then it became an online account of what I was wearing and what I was doing every week. Then social media became a thing – and I didn’t know what this space meant anymore.
Fabglance … 2013

Then brands started paying me to wear clothes and go places. But, then I realized people only wanted to see photos and not read long posts, THANKS INSTAGRAM. Then I was sad. But, like magic, people realized that social media doesn’t tell the whole story! People still need to visit sites on the Internet for more information.

In addition, bloggers were now being utilized by actual news sources. Whether we talked about bird watching or clothes, there was now a small independent army of news reporters that could be mobilized to help (or hinder) a topic.

What I’ve learned

Through each of these transitions I realized I knew how to pivot to continue to pursue my passion. It wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Many days I lost myself chasing popularity instead of concentrating on patience and professionalism.

Sometimes, this blog operates as a resource for new bloggers. Other times it’s a point of motivation for plus-size bodies. And still, it can be nothing at all (according to my google stats). However, I cannot deny the power of this space and the power of my tenacity. Because of this blog I’ve written for National and local publications. I’ve been given awards; I was one of the NASHVILLE Scene’s People of the year.

The Nashville Scene – People Issue, 2016

I learned that this space was far more than a little blog on the Internet. I have a team of amazing readers and followers who are engaged and encouraged by what I do. I had to learn to stand strong in the face of low numbers and belittling remarks from people who ‘don’t get’ what I do. I’ve also had to keep it real with myself that being a blogger MAY NOT be the thing that makes me famous … do I even want to be famous?

Overall, I learned that I love writing, I love fashion, and I love helping people. If keeping this site afloat, helps one new person a week, I’ll post my musings for as long as I live.

Being a blogger means something NEW these days

Everyday I talk to someone who wants to be a blogger. Really, what they are saying is that they want to be an INFLUENCER: One who uses their image or lifestyle to gain popularity and make money. That’s the hard part of this #bloggerlife journey. Many see that great photos and the smoothly written captions on Instagram. They don’t see the work that goes into creating the image that is easily scrolled away from.

That’s why I started my business, Glance Digital. I want to teach people how to survive in this Internet life. However, my instruction is old school! Ask any of my clients! I’m always preach PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

FabGlance … 2014

Every day a very attractive individual will jump on Beyoncé’s Internet, start an Instagram profile, and have 100,000 followers by the end of the month – and call themselves a BLOGGER.


But can you convert those follows into money and longevity? Can you show brands that you are worth more because you OWN a piece of internet real estate? Can you brave the onslaught of Internet criticism of almost any part of your life? Can you set a budget, manage emails, and avoid almost getting sued by Diddy? (Yeah, in 2010, I almost got sued by Diddy!)

That’s what I do, I remind influencers that they need to build spaces on the internet that they own. I learned the hard way that social media platforms can be stripped away, but owning your blog site is priceless.

Patience, perseverance, and prosperity

I’ll end this post by saying I’m proud to earn money from doing something I like. After 12 years, a lot of mistakes, and many restarts, I’m happy to say I have another 12 years in me.

It takes patience to write a post or two a week knowing that many won’t read your words. But, there is a strong army of y’all that keep coming back. Like fashion, everything that was old always comes back new. The art of the blog will return. When it does I’ll be here creating captivating content that engages and enlightens.

Fabglance … 2016

What will blogging & influencing look like in 2032? I don’t know! I didn’t think I’d make it THIS FAR when i started in 2008. At the same time, I also thought I’d be the Editor-in-Chief of my own online fashion magazine. What I do know is SOCIAL MEDIA platforms have come and gone but ONLINE WEBSITES (such as blogs) are here to stay.

Happy anniversary to me!

Make sure to click the links in this post to read some of my favorite blogposts!

Check out some things I’ve created in the last 12 years:

  • I shared my struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts – Mental Health
  • One time I created a Natural Hair community- Natural in Nashville
  • I also created a Plus Size Community – NASHVILLE Curves
  • Oh yeah, I wrote and published book of fiction – Jack and Ahlia
  • I encouraged women to Show Their Arms (It was stolen by a larger brand 🤬)
  • I was the number fashion website in Nashville, awarded by Google, 2009
  • I worked with Tiffany & Co while only having 3000 followers on Instagram
  • Almost got sued by Diddy for THIS POST, that had to be changed (lawyers, NDA, etc)
  • And SO MUCH MORE! Thanks for following me!
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