MY LIFE: Nashville Scene, ‘The People Issue’ 2016

I’ve been selected to be in The Nashville Scene’s 2016 ‘People Issue‘. I’m one of 14 movers & shakers making Nashville a more interesting place. I have so many words, but right now all I can do is SIGH! Is this really a thing that is happening to me? Um, yes! Let’s talk about why this is so important not just to ME but to bloggers in general!

Around my second year of running this blog, I realized that I wanted to really make a big splash in Nashville. I wanted people to know that I was this style blogger. Problem was, I had no direction. I was running after stories and just posting to be posting. After awhile, I got my barings, found my way, and moved into the righ direction. I started posting more about myself and realized how much you guys enjoyed it.

Dress: Lane Bryant, Shoes: Torrid, Photographer: Eric England

I started teaching style classes, being less introverted and going out on the town, and I focused on giving you engaging content across all the platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now, Snapchat. I saw the increase in engagement and realized, I FINALLY figured it out. I thought, I should definitely get some recognition in the city . . . CRICKETS! LOL! I thought about quitting but I just couldn’t. My readers mean too much to me. I wanted people to be their stylish best so I had to keep pushing.

As blogger, sometimes you feel like you are talking to yourself. It can be a lonely world. But as my favorite quote says, “You can have a million ‘no’s’, but all it takes is ONE yes!”.  That has come in different ways, being in The People Issue is one of the biggest yes’s I could ever have. I’ve been trying to get into the Nashville Scene for years! Now, being the ONLY fashion blogger representing not only Nashville but PLUS-SIZE women is truly an honor! Guys, they haven’t featured a blogger in two years.

 “I hate when women shame other women no matter what size they are. Even bigger women look at smaller women and think, ‘Oh, it’s so easy for you.’ It’s not easy for anyone! We’re all standing there in our closet with bra and panties on going, “I have no idea what to wear.’ ” – excerpt from ‘Melissa Watkins, The Blogger‘ – Nashville Scene

Shout out to Megan Seling for writing such a great article! She made my interview easy. I felt like I was talking in circles, but she made me sound sane! LOL! I love that she made sure to put my love of God, community outreach, and confidence in an understandable way.

I could go on and on, but I’ll keep this short. Thanks for your support for the past EIGHT YEARS! I promise to keep the party going. I’ll bring you style and inspiration every week. Once again, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for clicking the LIKE button! Now, go read my profile!

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