5 Easy Ways to Support Black Businesses

Today is #BlackOutDay! Black Out Day is a day designated to support black owned businesses and black creators. Did you know when you read this blog, you are supporting a Black Owned Business? YUP!

Below you’ll find 5 EASY Ways you can support Black Owned Businesses today and forever!

Why should you support Black businesses?

Black people are some of the most creative people on the planet. It’s well known that fashion, music, and social trends originate from black people. Still, the wealth gap between black people (especially Black Americans) and white people is VAST. Black businesses are created 2x more often than white owned spaces, but fail much quicker due to lack of support.

In fact, most black owned businesses don’t exist in traditional brick & mortar establishment- but online due to requirements that make it more difficult for black businesses to secure loans to open store fronts. However, black buyers are easily accessible by digital and social media advertising. Black people continue to create, collaborate, and spend (at almost $1 trillion a year)!

This fact makes many THINK that black owned businesses don’t exist in their cities, but go to Instagram or Facebook and you’ll find us there – marketing to our demographic. That’s why black businesses need days like this to boost our economic sustainability, market to more consumers, and create generational wealth.

5 Ways to Support Black Businesses today:

  • Share your purchases on your social media profiles and your group texts
  • Leave a positive review on Google and Yelp (Google is the best for services, while yelp is better for food and beverage)
  • Invite Black business owners to bid for contracts in your company
  • Suggest Black businesses as vendors for your baby shower, nuptials, family reunions, corporate retreats, and home renovations
  • FOLLOW Black businesses on INSTAGRAM and Facebook.

If you haven’t been doing these things, explore your internal biases. You may have learned early that Black people aren’t to be trusted. So, why should you trust a black business to offer you a service? It’s a sad but true thought process.

TODAY, purchase from a Black business, set an appointment with a black service provider, or share a Black business profile on your social media. You can start with me!

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