Hello August: Let look at those goals!

Omg! It’s the first day of August, 2020. Real talk, this year has been the most wild year of my entire life! What makes this year so wild is that EVERYONE is going through it too! We are all trying to navigate a WILD PRESIDENT, a scary pandemic, and continued social injustices (#BlackLivesSTILLmatter). It’s ALOT!

With all the stress of 2020 it’s easy to let emotions get in the way of our goals. Admit it, when 2020 started we had all the goals. But when March hit and states were shutting down, we shut down too. How were we supposed to react to something the whole world NEVER expected to happen?

Now it’s August. I hate to say it, but I’m finally feeling this new normal. What I don’t mind is the free time that comes with working from home and being self-quarantined. With all this new ‘free time’ I decided check myself and my goals – specifically my BLOG GOALS! I was supposed to be way more active on fabglance.com, however I got caught up chasing the numbers on Instagram.

Luckily, I have more than 11,000 Instagram followers, my engagement rate is off the chain, I have an IGTV series that’s thriving, and I’m securing lots of cool brand deals! Did I even tell y’all I’m in an Old Navy commercial?? CLICK HERE TO WATCH

So, with all that success I’ve decided I now have time to turn my attention to some neglected 2020 goals. Here’s 4 goals I’m planning to achieve in August:

  • Post on the blog THREE TIMES per week – I know I been neglecting y’all. I’m gonna make it right! I’m going to get back into the routine of writing long from posts. Fashion, Digital Strategy, and Motivation – I got y’all!
  • Finishing my digital strategy workbook – Yeah, I completely dropped the ball on that. I even paid my editor in advance and haven’t sent her one sentence to edit. The workbook will be completely edited by August 31st with plans for sale by September.
  • Redesign the website – So yeah, I have an entire business that’s not properly being promoted on this site. I need to sit down and redesign how this site navigates so people who want fashion info can find it and people who want social media tips can find those too.
  • Get back to publishing my newsletter – This is about business. I have about 200 people subscribed to my newsletter but I never send it. PRO TIP: Don’t expect all your views & followers to come from one place – diversify. There’s people who read the blog that will never follow me on Instagram. There’s people who expect a news letter to tell them where to find my other content. I must meet my customers/followers where they are!

So, take a look at your personal goals. I’ve learned this year that I had ALOT of distractions. Not being able to go outside has really made me focus on building my Instagram platforms (@glancedigitalstrategy & @fabglance) but I’ve neglected my TRUE SPACE, the website.

What have you neglected? What will you focus on this month?

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