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MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms

I know this is a weird title for an Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) post but I thought I’d address some stuff as it pertains to fashion and fatness. A couple of months ago I posted the look I wore for the Nashville Symphony Ball. As always, I post my looks on my instagram and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Usually, my comments thread is pretty positive. But as the popularity grows, I see new followers and new commentary. On this day, when I posted my symphony story, someone made a snide comment about my fat arms.

Initially, I was a bit shocked. Like I said, I hadn’t received negative comments on my photos. That day was a different day – two girls were having a field day in my comments, talking about my fat arms. I was shocked. Then, I thought, “people are so used to plus-size women covering up!”  EVEN in this day of plus-size model Tess Holiday, getting national and international modeling jobs, people still feel ‘some kinda way’ about big women being okay with her big-ness. Truthfully, I used to feel the same way . . .

For years, I covered my arms, my legs, my . . . whatever because I felt like I was too fat to wear whatever was trying to be shown. Growing up in a religious household, going to church every Sunday, I was taught to cover it up. My mom and grandmother, both plus-size ladies, told me to “cover those big arms and smooth out those rolls. Big women CANNOT look sloppy!” I mean, I’ve been wearing a girdle (or spanx) since I was 14 years old. And I did as I was told because those ladies looked amazing.
I’ve been a fat girl since I can remember. I was teased for it too. I was actually, more upset about being tall than I was about being fat. Now,  I’m happy to be six-feet tall/ And even at my heaviest, I’ve always been quite proportioned. But these arms . . . these chunky arms, haven’t went anywhere.
Once I moved to Tennessee, in this HOT AF weather, I realized I had no time to wear all the cardigans and shrugs to cover my arms. At first it was hard to walk around with my bare arms showing, but after while, I didn’t care. It’s an arm, not an alien.

My arms are fat!

You know why? Because I’m fat. It took me A LONG TIME to just be able to say that. My confidence has grown every year and I’ve become happier with my body, no matter my size. Plus, I’m not gonna miss out on all the AMAZING clothes because I don’t like a part of my body.

And . . . the comments, they will come because everyone has opinions. For years I had opinions on what plus-size girls should look like or wear. Now, I’m even more open to seeing how women can express their style and confidence through their clothing choices. I thank the internet for exposing women to the beauty of being plus-size. Everyday, my Instagram is filled with girls rocking their arms, legs, stomachs, and whatever . . . with no shame.

Join the #ShowYourArms Campaign

So, when I saw this amazing peplum top from Styles Boutique in Nashville, I had to purchase it. I thought twice about wearing it, because of my fat arms. But the way my silhouette looked, I couldn’t resist. I mean, my waist is SNATCHED! When the OVERALL look trumps you feeling ‘some kinda way’ about a small part of your body. Girl, just wear it.

And, yes, when you feel amazing about your look, your confidence gives you the best glow ever! People will just comment on how amazing you look and never really care about those fat arms, or weird scar, or whatever makes you frazzled.

Someone will ALWAYS have something to say

… especially when you are fat. People don’t like the space that fat takes up. But . . . oh well, that’s their problem. Not mine. Don’t be afraid rock you fat with no shame. Plus, all these fashions, girl don’t miss out!

Shot by Patrick Webster Photography

UPDATED, originally published 7/2/2015

3 thoughts on “MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms

  1. You look fabulous. I think your arms are beautiful. I have fat arms too and the summer is just too hot to be covering up. I live in Virginia. It is May here and already we have temps in the upper eighties.


  2. Dear you are a dream come true. You look radiant, fantastic and just Drop-Dead BEAUTIFUL all the way around. And what’s even more awe-inspiring than your photogenic allure is the appropriately self-confident and positive attitude wonderfully portrayed by you behind the glamour. You really seem to have it all. I especially love that you don’t cover up specifically your arms. What is NOT to love?

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