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#ShowYourArms Summer 2017

It’s official, summer is here. As a plus size lady, those words can be a bit nerve-wrecking. Gone are the chilly fall & winter days with their lovely layers and deceptive dress codes. It’s too hot to cover-up but some think you are too fat to show it off. Well, they are wrong! That’s why I decided to start the #SHOWYOURARMS campaign!
The #ShowYourArms campaign is about fashionable self-confidence during these warm summer months! Let go of that cardigan, cover-up, and jacket, just let your gorgeous arms show. I know, I know, you don’t have GUNS like Michelle Obama. I’m sure some of us would like a little less wiggle, forget the guns – and that’s OK! We are all works in progress. However, we have to stop letting those silly self-defeating thoughts dictate our comfort and fashion choices! SHOW YOUR ARMS!


I love you guys (my readers and social media followers). You always send me emails and messages about how encouraged you are by my fashion choices. Believe me, even I have second thoughts when I put on certain items, especially the ones that show my arms. I’ve had fat arms since I was a baby. My WHOLE family (even the slimmest of us) have chunky upper arms, it’s just genetics.
I used to cover my arms all the time. I lived in the northeast, so summer didn’t last as long. But now, living in Tennessee, I can’t EVEN deal with this heat. These babies had to come out!

After a couple of times wearing my arms out, I realized, THEY ARE JUST ARMS! If someone has a problem with my fat arms: 1) They’ve never come up to me to say something and 2) Who cares!? They are my arms, I do what I want! There was so much FREEDOM when I just let it go. Years of me telling myself my arms were too fat and too ugly to be seen, gone as I was able to embrace lovely fashions that made the WHOLE ME look great.
I want the same for you!

The goal of the #ShowYourArms campaign is:

  • Build self-esteem around the plus-size internet community
  • Generate stronger self-worth with women in general
  • Create an online community that increase awareness of plus-size fashion choices

Although this is targeted toward my plus-size family, I know several straight-sized women who have body image issues. Listen, women are routinely told that we aren’t ENOUGH. If you are straight-sized and want to #showyourarms, get in the game! Let’s all get free this summer!

Why should YOU #ShowYourArms this summer:

  • Show your arms because it’s HOT outside!
  • Show your arms because that outfit looks too fly to cover with a cardigan. Girl!
  • Show your arms because God gave them to you and they are too beautiful to keep a secret!
  • Show your arms because everyone else is doing it!
  • Show your arms because who told you to hide them?
  • Show your arms because they don’t want you to do it (MAJOR KEY!)
  • Show your arms because you’ll encourage another girl to do it too!
So, how can YOU participate? I got you! Check it out:
Tag your photos on Instagram & Facebook with #ShowYourArms
I’ll post those lovely ladies on my Instagram and Facebook feeds

Let’s let the world know that we are proud of our bodies, and we no longer feel the need to cover up!

Will you #ShowYourArms this summer?

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