Hello Friends!

I have been getting a great response from readers all across the country and right here in Nashville. As the editor and independent stylist for this blog would like to extend my thanks to you and let my readers know about our upcoming projects.

1. ‘Boutique of the Week’Coming in Tuesdays in September. This segment will spotlight local boutiques in Nashville and surrounding areas, their shoppers, and what hot deals they have for Fab Glance readers.

2. Monthly Makeover – Just like what it says, every month we will make over a local resident and tell you, our faithful readers, how and where to get his/her style.

3. Campus Crawl – Nashville and it’s surrounding cities have several college campuses. My trend-spotters and myself will let you know what hot and fab on these campuses. As homecoming, football games, and special events occur on campus, we want to show you how the imports and the locals mix up their favorite fashion choices.

4. Fall Photo Series – Coming in October!!! We will be looking for models, details to come.

Of course we will always feature our daily candid photos of the most stylish residents, apparel, and accessories of the city. Feel free to comment and ask questions, I want to know what your think. Our goal is to show you why Nashville is the place to be for fashion!

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