STYLE: A pandemic is a great time to tackle your fashion fears

We in the house and ain’t going no where anytime soon. It’s time for you to go through that closet. Try on those clothes that you’ve been afraid to wear. Listen, a pandemic is a perfect time to tackle your fashion fears.

T-Shirt Dress from Lovely Wholesale

I came to this conclusion when the folks at Lovely Wholesale sent me this very short t-shirt dress. Y’all know I’m 6ft tall. I tend to shy away from super short looks. Plus, as confident as I am, my chunky thighs still give me pause. But this dress was SO cute I couldn’t resist!

The best way to get used to used to a new trend is to try it out at the house. Since we are staying SAFE AT HOME try walking around in some of those skeptical looks.

So after you do a bit of closet cleanup, and you’re prancing around in your skeptical looks, you may find yourself slowly falling in love with your body. If there’s anything cool that can come from a pandemic (that keeps you in the house), it’s being able to love yourself a bit more.

I first tried on this dress at the house. I was scared to put it on for photos. But I wore it for an hour (or three). Kept looking in the mirror and started to realize I was kinda cute. The bright stripes made me feel happy and the short length made me feel sexy (in a sporty way).

Click the pic to purchase

So take a tip from me – try some fashion trends while being at the house. Want to come out of the pandemic a new person? Use some of your at-home time to love on yourself a bit more!

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