Support the Wounded Warrior Project – Carry Forward 5k

I’m so honored to announce that I’m an ambassador for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Carry Forward 5k! This amazing race, traditionally ran in person, is going VIRTUAL this year! That’s right, you can show your support for our veterans by running/walking your 5k at your local park with your family and friends!

CLICK HERE to Register for the CARRY FORWARD 5K

I Carry For …

When selected to participate in this 5k we were asked who we dedicate our race to. Well, I Carry For my uncles and cousins who served our country in battle and in protection! Some were hurt during their terms of service but it never stopped them from having pride in what they’ve done for our country!

In addition, I carry for all the wounded warriors that continue to survive while back home. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to exist as a proud veteran!

Register HERE for the Nashville Virtual 5K

Get involved WWP Carry Forward 5k

There are several ways to get involved. When you register for any of the Nationwide race events you get a Runners Bib, Participation Medal, WWP Supporter Sweatband, Eye Blacks to Honor and Empower, and a Carry Forward Flag!

  • REGISTER HERE for the Nashville Carry Forward Virtual 5k happening
  • Register HERE for the VIRTUAL nationwide event – you chose the day you’ll do your 5k
  • You can raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, click HERE to join the FabGlance Fundraising team!

Join me in honoring and empowering wounded warriors! This race is a great way to get your family together to support a community of hero’s whom risked their lives to protect us. From experienced runners to walking newbies – we can CARRY FOR those who truly deserve a bit of our time!

Click here to learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project and the WWP Carry Forward 5K

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