FASHION FRIDAY: Little Black Dresses – Plus Size

If there is one thing all women have it’s a plethora of little black dresses! As a fan of all-black attire, I have plenty of little black dresses, fancy black dresses, casual black dresses, and black dresses for the office. Today, I’m showing you two of my favorite black dresses. One from ASOS and the other from Target!

Browsing on I came across this black puff sleeve dress from WHO WHAT WEAR. The puff sleeves and drop hem gave me everything I needed. I ordered the dress immediately! Come to find out, it has pockets too! This is a dress for the office, brunch, or a night out. I love a black dress that gives me a ton of options.

Shout out to Target for showing plus-size love. After years of complaints they finally started extending their sizing especially on designer collabs. I would complain about looks not being in the store, BUT with COVID concerns, I’ll happily shop on line.

Now this is my absolute favorite casual black dress. I got it from ASOS almost seven years ago BUT they sell a new version of this dress every year – CLICK HERE. This dress is made from T-shirt material – so it’s easy to care for. You can pack it up for a quick trip, dress it up with a cute sandal, down with some sneakers, and it can be worn ALL YEAR!

So, make sure to update your wardrobe with a couple little black dresses. Whether plus-size or not, finding a couple different styles is a great way to stretch your wardrobe without breaking the bank (oh yeah, both these are under $50!)

Which dress is your fave? Comment below!

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