MY STYLE: Slip Dress and T-shirts

Working from home has allowed me to be a lot more creative with my daily style choices. Not gonna lie, for a minute it was all pajama pants and simple tops. I mean, most of my days are Zoom Calls – you only see me from the waist up. But even I got tired of that look. So to get out my rut, I’ve been having fun rediscovering my style and updating my wardrobe.

Slip dress, white tee, and sneakers

This blush colored slip dress was a happy mistake but a welcomed affinity to my summer looks. This slip dress is actually the lining of another gorgeous dress that I recently purchased from Torrid!

Peach Lace Button Front Maxi Dress – Torrid

I wore this beautiful lace maxi-dress to a friend’s wedding. When I received the dress I was so happy to find that the limit was a separate camisole slip. This slip wasn’t see-through or flimsy. I realized I could wear it as a dress too!

Ladies, don’t be afraid to try something different with your pieces. It’s the best way to get your money’s worth out of a purchase. Cost per wear is a very important number to determine if buying an item is worth your coins. Figuring out how to upcycle a look can be you greatest reward!

Added the nikes for a bit of casual razzle-dazzle!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more plus-size style. As I said, getting dressed these days can be a challenge. Treat yourself by stepping out of your pajama pants and into something cute – even if it’s just to go to the grocery store. ANY aisle can be a runway!

Have you tried any new looks recently? Let me know in the comment section. 😉

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