FAB fashion: The Padded Shoulder Tank aka Muscle Tee for women

It’s so funny that even when we supposedly have no where to go, thanks COVID-19, fashion trends continue to appear. Enter the latest trend – the Padded Shoulder tank aka MUSCLE TEE for women.

I first saw this trend while scrolling Pinterest. Then I started seeing all the fashion girls wearing them on Instagram. Then, just like any trend, or song, or commercial, the thing get stuck in your head. I had to have one!

Why is the Padded Shoulder Tank Trendy?

The padded shoulder tank made its first appearance last spring/summer on the runway. The popularity rose when Zara made a chic and affordable version. The shoulder pad shirt, modified muscle tee, or padded tank, works because it helps create the hour glass shape that many women love. In fashion talk, it helps equally proportion your body.

It’s also quite chic! It’s an easy way to dress-up a boring t-shirt and jeans look. In addition, shoulder pads continue to have their time in the sun at least once every 10 years. As much as we like to make fun, when used in the right design, shoulder pads elevate any look.

Plus-Size Muscle Tee

Of course, finding a trend for a plus-size body is a bit tricky. We tend to get our trendy looks a bit later. It’s as if the vendors and manufacturers say, “oh, the big people wanna look cute too? I guess we can go up a couple sizes.” 🙄

White Top – Chic Soul

So I scoured the Internet to find a chic muscle tee/padded shoulder tank. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a true plus-size version. BUT I discovered a trick to give the illusion of a muscle tee (sans shoulder pads).

Take a basic white tshirt, then roll the sleeves inside themselves, folding the bulk of the material where a shoulder paid would go. Use a safety pin to secure the top and bottom (underarm area) to create the desired ‘muscle tee’ shape. Wah-Lah magic!

Hopefully, the plus-size shopper will get a chance to enjoy the muscle tee, padded tank top, padded shoulder tank trend in time for fall. I’d love to have a black version to pare with a great pant or fitted skirt … you know, to wear on the zoom call – lol!

Click here to find a padded tank top

Is the padded tank or muscle tee shirt in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comment section or tag me in your Instagram photo!

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