Blogger Life: I’m in an Old Navy Commercial! 3 Tips for booking BIG BRANDS!

I’m in an Old Navy commercial, and almost forget to tell you! July 14th Old Navy launched their ‘We Are We’ campaign. The campaign was Old Navy’s commitment ‘equality, celebrating differences, and advocating for every voice’. Of course, I was so happy to be apart of this amazing mission.

That’s me in the yellow sweater and red headband

But how did all this happen? Well, keep reading! I have THREE tips for you. Are you an aspiring influencer or feel stagnant in your digital career – these tips can get you moving in the right direction. Let’s score a big campaign!

Go above and beyond

In 2019, Old Navy contacted me about their #SizeYes campaign. The retailer tested out having every style available in all sizes from 00-28. For one time, everyone was able to buy any style no matter plussize or straight sized. I totally loved the campaign and had so much fun creating content.

The Old Navy team only asked for a couple deliverables but I knew myself and my audience. I went above and beyond. I created a shopping story, took additional photos to show the items, and answered questions as if I was officially on the team.

Some would say I was doing ‘the most’ but really I was showing up for my work ethic. If it makes the timeline look succinct, gives readers the info they need, and shows a true experience of the brand, why not give a lil extra.

Stay Consistent

After I booked the 2019 #SizeYes campaign, I didn’t work with a big brand for a long time. For new bloggers and influencers, a stretch of inactivity can be difficult to deal with. Many will quit or become less consistent.

After I finished my campaign I sent a ‘thank you’ email and told the team I’d love to work with them in the future. They responded in-kind, paid their invoice, and kept it rockin’. The Old Navy project was done. Completing the project lit a fire in me!

I went harder with my posts. I drilled down on my niche: plus-size style, motivation, and digital strategy tips. I made sure my followers understood what I was serving. I worked to secure the next big gig.

Work like every post is your big break!

An article I recently read talked specifically to Influencers about the power of our posts. The line that stood out, ‘Don’t just post to POST!’. The writer encouraged new influencers and bloggers to post with INTENTION.

It’s easy to get caught in the competition of getting the most likes that day or the most followers. But posting just to keep the timeline moving won’t work if you don’t have a clear message and intention driving you. Of course, don’t wait WEEKS or months to post but do have a plan.

When I train influencers (book a session) I tell them to find a schedule that works for them. Is it three times a week, is it four times a week, is it twice a week with a healthy instastory and coordinated blog post? Whichever works for your schedule, your budget, and your peace of mind, stick to it!

What you find is that you’ve curated amazing content for your growing community. Partners and brands will see you consistency and pay for your profession. I hadn’t heard from the Old Navy team for a year. But all the sudden, a DM came through, then an email, then contracts, then a commercial.

The commercial

The team liked the photo I took (above) and asked to use it in a commercial. I didn’t know what capacity my image would be utilized and signed a DNA that legally bound me from saying anything. The marketing team wanted my image for 3 months exclusively. I consulted my mentors to help me negotiate a fair rate. We settled in and the commercial was completed in about 8 weeks.

To say that I’m proud is an understatement. I’m extremely excited that after 12 years of blogging and influencing I’m booking major gigs. Is it hard work? HECK YEAH! I’ll tell anyone, the job of being a digital influencer is TOUGH!

You’ll do a lot for free before you get paid. You’ll make a ton of mistakes before you find your groove. You’ll want to quit about once a month. BUT, if you believe in your voice and the message you want to share – you’ll push through. It won’t always be about the money, but the money is a great incentive!

Let’s dream together! Tell me in the comment section, YOUR DREAM COLLABORATION!

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