#BLOGGERLIFE: Posting through the COVID crisis

As a Digital Entrepreneur, I worried about posting on social media during this time. Should I promote my content? Would I be viewed as shallow? Does anyone care about my fashion posts? The answer is YES! I’d posted during personal crisis before and I can take what I learned to post through the COVID CRISIS now.

Let’s discuss how and why we should post through crisis.

In 2017, I experienced personal crisis. I’d quite my job in pursuit of entrepreneurship. I failed. During that time I experienced the worst bout of depression and suicidal thoughts. I was broke, hopeless, and on the edge. I was in crisis and I was the only one going through it! I made it through but I learned something about ‘posting on the Internet’ during crisis:

Post what you need to see. Say what you need to hear.


The crisis of 2020 is societal. WE ALL GOING THROUGH! After we watch the news, hear of another death, get mad at our leadership, and stress over continued personal issues – we wanna be transported to better times. Even if it’s for a couple swipes on the ‘gram. The people want to see some semblance of ‘normal’ – we need routine.

Yes, post what you want to SEE and say what you want to HEAR. After taking time to process what you’re going through, start posting what you’d like to see. Is it a picture of your children laughing, your precious dog, that time you visited Mexico, or your favorite pair of sneakers – you should post it. Bring joy while staying on in your niche

But Melissa, what about the BRANDS, what about the money?

Yeah girl, I was worried about the brand partnerships too. During crisis you’ll see a dip in engagement. It’s ok, the brands have seen a dip in sales. Now, more than ever they need BLOGGERS and INFLUENCERS to post on social media. Keep posting.

Of course, read the room. Be creative while making posts relevant to the current societal climate. Check in with your brand managers to know what tone the company wants to take with your sponsored posts. Keeping it real helps followers feel better.

Lastly, you don’t know how much YOUR posts are apart of your followers daily routines. Not to put too much pressure on you, but your posts may be the reason someone gets up today. No matter what, remember you’re voice matters! Whether you have 500 followers or 50,000 – there’s a reason we follow you. Your posts make us happy!

I know we are going through a weird time. COVID-19 has turned our world sideways. However, nothing lasts forever. Post through crisis and see your following grow!

Keep it real, keep it relevant, and remember your voice matters!

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