MY STYLE: 5 Facts about Air Max!

Happy #AirMaxDay! If there was any random holiday I adore, I think Air Max Day and Chocolate Chip Cookie Day are my two faves. Air Max day may be my absolute fave because it’s fashion and it’s sneakers! So what is Air Max Day and why is it important to sneaker collectors? Below, I give you FIVE FACTS about Nike Air Max. After reading, I hope you love them as much as I love them!

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FAB GLANCE - AIR MAX DAY - NASHVILLE I’m happiest in a pair of sneakers!

The first Air Max Day was celebrated March 26, 2014

Nike introduced ‘air’ technology back in 1979. It was a major milestone in sneaker technology and added greater comfort to running shoes. In 1987, Nike designed a shoe that allowed wearers to SEE the air bubble technology, thus the FIRST Nike Air Max was born.

The Air Max was the perfect combo of fashion and function – running from the track to the sidewalk in a success unseen by any other design. Air Max day commemorates the marriage of style and substance!

FAB GLANCE - AIR MAX DAY - NASHVILLE The Air Max 95’s are a crowd fave

The Air Max 95 was the most controversial design of the time

When sneaker creator, Sergio Lozano, created the Air Max 95, it was equally loved and hated. Sneaker purists and athletic aficionados hated that the shoe was almost more designed for casual consumption and not on-track function. As for engineering, this was the first air Max to showcase a visible air bubble in the front of the shoe. The shoe didn’t feature the giant swoosh, but a chill mark on the heel that late the three-tiered colorway speak for itself. The 95 is easily the most POPULAR Air Max to date, has been re-released and retired more than 20 times, and is the most counterfeited shoe in the collection!

I’ve had these since the 2012 re-release

Hip-Hop made the Air Max 95 a cult classic

As I mentioned, The Air Max 95 is one of the most re-released Air Max of the Collection. This is in part to HIP-HOP! Rappers wore the shoe everywhere, mentioned it in songs, and made the $140 price tag seemingly attainable. It became the staple shoe of the summer with many memories attached. As a fan of rap (especially NY rappers) watching videos of Ghostface, Raekwon, and Big Pun, made me want a pair even more.

The first Air Max was inspired by a building in Paris

Nike was working with air bubble technology for years, but it was the LEGENDARY Tinker Hatfield who decided that the bubble should be seen. When Nike came to Tinker, who’s background was in architecture, they wanted an amazing technology and fashion forward design. Hatfield drew inspiration from The Pompidou Center in Paris, a multicultural complex finished in 1977. The Parisians hated the building because you could see it’s interior workings: pipes, stairs, etc. But Hatfield was inspired and it started out love for the versions of Air Max we know today.


The Air Max has the most collaborative designs of any Nike sneaker

As sneaker culture became not popular and sneaker collecting became more exclusive, Nike started collaborating with high-end designers, taste-makers, and athletic legends to create exclusive colorways and editions. Truly, it’s one of my goals in life to collab with Nike to create a Fab Glance Air Max! Whew! Collaborators include: Dutch Artist Parra and Patta, Kid Robot, Skepta, and Eminem.


As you can see, Nike Air Max Day is a celebration of fashion and innovation. It’s one of my favorite sneakers and one of Nike’s most successful designs. Shout out to my sneaker heads celebrating today, I know you looking good!

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