FASHION FRIDAY: Valentine’s Days Past

It’s Valentine’s Day in the time of COVID. So, what y’all doing? Well, I’m taking myself on a stay-cation, because your girl is still single. If you’re single like myself, just know that in 2020 a recorded 45% of Americans reported that they were single! Well, DAMN! If all over are single, why aren’t we together! LOL!

Anyway, for today’s Fashion Friday, I thought I’d share my favorite Valentine’s Day looks. Even though I’ve been single for a most of my adult life, you girl takes some FIRE photos to celebrate the day. Of course, I’ll try to link my looks (or similar) so you can look super cute too! Let’s get it.

2018 – All Black Everything from Torrid

This is one of my favorite looks. I pulled together several different pieces from Torrid. The day I took this pic it was FREEZING – but hey we got the shot. Click the link for the look: skirt, top, and shoes

2016 – My fave lace pink dress

This pink lace dress was my favorite dress for like 5 years. Actually, I wore this dress for three birthdays, just to see if anyone noticed. No one noticed. Anyway, I added some winter details to this summer dress for a Valentine’s Day look. GET THE LOOK (similar): Dress, Shirt, Tights, and Shoes.

I’ll be your BAE all day!

In 2018, I decided to keep it chill. When I saw this BAE shirt on REBDOLLS, I had to have it! This was also the first year that Nashville got the LIPS MURAL in Hillsboro village. So I had to get the shot. This shirt still gets great reviews. Y’all, I cannot find this shirt any where. Sorry!

The best Valentine’s Day look I’ve ever posted

Listen, I’m forever chasing the dope-ness of this 2017 photo. My GAWD today! Like, who is this HOT GIRL and why is she still single? Anyway, this midi-dress is from Rebdolls and the shoes are from Nordstrom Rack (they hurt like hell!).

So, I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me. Like I said, don’t feel too bad that you may not have a Valentine. Most of America is single too! Let’s just dress well, eat good, not scroll too long on IG, and hang with the homies. It’s just one day!

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