Obama T-Shirts: You don’t have one yet?

Hey all,

Okay, if you didn’t know by now, I am a supporter of Mr. Obama. I do believe he is the breath of fresh air that america needs. So, I have been feenin’ for an Obama T-shirt. But not just any ol’ t-shirt that will be a pajama shirt by 2009, but a fashionable one, that I can wear to different events, like the one’s sported by the celebrities above (photos from of US magazine).

However, finding an authentic Obama t-shirt is hard to find in the Nashville area, save for the ‘on-the-street’ t-shirt guy that also sells 10 pair of socks for $3. So, I had to go to the internet. Here’s some sites I suggest you go to to get your Obama fashions:




My Favorites:

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