Question: Should I dye my hair?

Good evening people,

I have a dilemma. Fall is here and it’s time to change. I have found my targeted look for the season, black, sleek, and streamlined, with lots of boots and interesting tights/leggings. The problem is my hair. For the summer I had my hair in microbraids. The spring I wore the bob cut, with shades of Auburn and dark brown. Now, I feel like a good color job, what shall it be. My friend Sabrina is rooting for me to go Jet Black. I have NEVER had jet black hair. Do you think I should do it. Here’s my pics with my brown highlighted hair:

I trust my humble readers to help a sista‘ out. Vote on the sidelines: Should I dye my hair Jet Black?

Luv ya~
Ms. Lyssa

One thought on “Question: Should I dye my hair?

  1. Sure why only live once..I’m considering doing the same thing…that’s dying my hair. I’m not sure what to do since my hair is natural! But go for it I’m sure it will be cute!!:)


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