Sasha and Malia at the Inauguration

* 2012 UPDATE* Fab Glance is on hiatus, but I’m live posting on my FB Page Melissa Styles YOU! Check it out for all the scoop on what EVERYONE is wearing!

These are some of the cutest lil’ girls in the world. I love their crayola colored coats with matching satin ribbon belts. I’ve been looking (searching the Internet) to see who makes the coats, but can’t find out. I should know by the end of the day though.

Either way, they look so cute and very grown up.

UPDATE: Sasha and Malia are wearing Crewcuts, by J. Crew. That’s how you do it, reasonably priced outerwear for your lil princesses.

2 thoughts on “Sasha and Malia at the Inauguration

  1. Their daughters were style icons in their own right, with 10-year-old Malia in a double-breasted periwinkle-blue coat with a blue-ribbon bow at the waist, and Sasha, 7, in a pink coat with orange scarf and satin belt, a coral-colored dress peeking out at the hem. Their coats were from Crewcuts by J. Crew.


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