FAB MUSIC: Mary Mary – I Worship You

Here’s the video for Mary Mary’s song ‘I Worship You’. Now, Ms. Lyssa loves her some Mary Mary, however, from a style aspect, these ladies need some attention. Currently, they are being styled by their sister, and that’s all well and good, but I expect a lot more from a group that’s been in the game this long. These ladies used to sing background for Brian McKnight, Faith, and some more people; I know I that they have more style than this.

In the beginning of the video, I was not impressed with their choice of clothing, skinny jeans and dolman sleeve shirts? Ahh, not so good. I would have loved to see a more contemporary choice for a song that has so mcuh meaning – maybe tailored suit choice. Second scene we get wrap dress for the red-hair Mary and a Maxi dress for the black hair Mary – alright, I’ll take that. So, although the song is good (actually, the best song on the album) I’m gonna need M+M to step it up, on the fashion tip, for the gospel set.

Luv YA~Ms. Lyssa

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