Celebeauty – American Idol Edition: Megan J. Corkrey and Anoop Desai

It was Grand OlOpry week on Idol last night. Basically, the contestants took their stab at country music. Some soared and some fell flat – however, two did well with their style and their vocals. Here are my choices.
(Megan J. Cockrey 3/19/2009)

Even though I really don’t like Megan as a singer, I do like her quirky characteristics and she makes you remember her as an artist. So let’s get to the style – I though she looked wonderful, especially singing the song that she choose, “Walkin‘ After Midnight”. Simon didn’t like her new style, he said it took away from her edginess. However, as a stylist, this is an example how you can make someone who has an edge (exotic tattoos or piercings), look elegant but not boring.

Next up we have Anoop Desai. I really haven’t paid much attention to him on the show. But last night he sung one of my favorite songs, “You’re Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson.

Ok, now to the style. Anoop is a tall guy with a nice body and great hair. The outfit he wore was a good look – especially the argyle print hoody and cargo jacket combo. I can’t place the sneakers, I’m gonna go on a limb and say they are pumas. Either way, the whole look is good. It’s hard to style a young guy, because you want to make sure he’s current but not boring and definitely not too trendy. Anoop’s stylist did a great job.

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