Fashion Forum: Dare to be Different

Artist: Karen Sheltrown (purchase @ Fine Art America)

So many women email me and ask – HOW CAN I CHANGE MY STYLE? How can I be different? That’s what this post is going to focus on – Daring to be Different. More women should be risk takers.

I just talked with a friend, at church, who complimented me on my outfit. With disdain on her face she said, “I could never put those colors together and feel comfortable.” Which made me sad for her, because at that moment she limited herself! Most of the time we take, bringing ourselves down, can be channeled positively into finding anew style we like. So how can you change it up a bit? Well I told my friend at church a couple of questions you need to ask to start your style re-invention:

  • Who am I, who do I want to be?
  • What things do I like to do?
  • Do I own/read any fashion magazines?
  • What styles speak to me?
  • Am I willing to take advice about my style (or lack of)?

Questions such as these can get the brain moving in the right direction – most certainly away from the mall and toward a Boutique in your city.
So you’ve decided to add a new trend to your daily ‘drobe. YEAH!! You’re moving forward. My rules for adding new elements to you wardrobe is expressed below. Take notes:

  • Try the new element for 1 week – visiting different public places (bank, church, concert, friends house)
  • If the element is bold (i.e. Neon Colored Leggings) try pairing it with a more subtle element (i.e. black shirt dress)
  • Ask yourself, Does this new element make me feel good or embarrassed?If you feel in embarrassed on the first day, then you are normal – try the element a different way until you get comfy.
  • Remember, most people can’t tell you what THEY wore on Monday, so most won’t remember when you make a fashion faux pas. What they will remember is that you DARED TO BE DIFFERENT

So, try it, try that new style, let your soul glow, change the game. After a while you’ll be the trend setter in your group – that’s what I did. And, if you get discouraged remember this WONDERFUL quote by the editor of French Vogue:

“People like what I do, because I do what I like!”

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