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Okay, Wednesday is my tech-free day – the day I designated for not being on the Internet alot – No Facebook, no twitter, no nothing – so Wednesday is gonna be link day. I’ll let ya know about all the fab stuff I’ve found on the Internet this week. So here ya go. Visit these links, and have a great day!!!


Just Call me Rohz – Writer Rohz talks about all the interesting things going on in her life – I was captivated.
The Randomness of STIX – Cool guitar girl living in Nashville finding her way with her band Blue21
The Baby Daddy Diaries – Baby Dad Dave talks about all the things that go on in his life – most recently is anger that there is no SONIC or Jack in the Box in NYC – sorry!


Fashion For Breakfast – Ms. Tina reports on her favorite looks from the MET Costume Institute Gala
Flats and Frappacinos – Tips for straitening you panty drawer
Hapsical London Fashion Blog – Designer Hartmann Nordenholz shows his 2009 Collection

2 thoughts on “Ooh La La LINKS – Interesting Stuff on the Web

  1. Oh wow, I feel absolutely honored to be mentioned in your blog! And I read your comment on one of my entries. Thank you so much for the encouraging words of advice. It is a SCARY THING to feel so captivated so QUICKLY. I’m trying to take it slow, but it seems to be moving so fast. I am literally being swept off of my feet, lol.

    I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog! Since I’ve only been living in Nashville for a few months, I think I’ll find your blog to be quite interesting!

    I look forward to following you!


  2. Oh shoot now!!!! Ms. Lyssa thinks I’m cool!!!!! lol Thx! I really appreciate you doing that…! I see you’ve been to my friend, Aj’s blog too!!!! How cool! I’m really enjoying “blogger town”!!!!


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