Fashion Forum: Prom Madness

It’s time for this week’s
Fashion Forum. I got these pictures in my email last week and I just had to say something. This type of PROM MADNESS has got to be stopped!

What happened to the days when a girl dressed like a young lady to go to the prom. The prom is a time to let people know you are being PROMoted to the next level. This is your grand debut to the social scene in your area and allowing everyone to know you are stepping into adult territory.

Now I’m not gonna front, I went to the prom a long time ago. And being the fashion maven that I was, I did get my dress made by a seamstress. I drew the design myself. It was gold and black. It was nice. I now look back and think it could have been better, but I was trying to be different. And there the problem is with these lovely young people . . . .
Trying to be different has pushed over into looking like a clown stripper with ADD. I’m not gonna front, black people, we gotta do better! Someone needs to step in and add a little class to the graduating class. I gotta blame the guardians. Who let’s their child out the house like this? Someone who thinks that the child looks cute too!

I love the flair, I love the individuality, but I hate that there is a lack of character development in the home. These prom pictures go past getting a good laugh and move on to a serious lack of social monitoring in the home. Plus, television allows young ladies to think that looking like a streetwalker, porn star, or stripper is cute/desirable. So girls, think their dress should be as revealing as possible in order for them to stand out.

Ok, I know, this is fashion blog. So, I gotta give you some help. Young ladies reading this blog – ask someone who gonna be honest with you about your prom ideas. There are 100’s of ways to stand out while wearing a classy prom dress but looking hoe-tastic is not the business. Here are my 2009 prom dress Do’s and Don’ts to stand out and be an individual.
  • DO pick a color other than black or white. Hot colors for this year are fuchsia, purple, turquoise and yellow.
  • DO choose a dress that compliments your body type. You’ll be more popular for looking good than for looking bad. You got lots of boobs – don’t go for the strapless. Lots of tummy – don’t go for the two-piece. Not used to walking in heels -stay away from the 5 inch stilettos.
  • DO go for high glitz and glamour – Sequins and crystal details on the dress will allow you to get all the props more than creating a dress with DORA the Explorer on the butt.
  • DO wear a girdle or spanx if you body is not where you wanted it to be. REMEMBER this is your official entrance into adulthood. Make it count by playing the part. These pictures are gonna be around forever.
  • DON’T make your date wear a tux that matches your dress. You ever see Beyonce and Jay-Z matching on the red carpet? NO, so don’t do it either.
  • DON’T use FAKE Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, CHANEL, or FENDI monograms on your dress. Now you just look hood, and don’t even think about putting that in your hair!
Here’s a video for fab prom dress styles for 2009. Take a look and add 1 or 2 special twists to make the style uniquely yours. Any other tips – hit me up in the comment section.

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