FYI: I’m Sick

Good Morning Fab Friends!

I know you’ve been wondering where all the fly fashion posts have gone, well I’ve been sick. I caught the stomach heebiejeebies from some bad chicken I purchased. I was sick all Memorial Day; No BBQ for me šŸ˜¦ I came to work today – but I’d rather be home, still have a headache and stomach stuff. So, pray for your girl.

Oh yeah, when I told my mom, she said I probably have the Swine Flu, then laughed for like 10 minutes, thanx mom! AND, the internet connection at the house is acting shady – so I haven’t been able to update my Examiner articles or Fab Glance. I think by tomorrow, I’ll be back on point. You know I love ya’ll!

Ms. Lyssa

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