My 1st Blog Anniversary!

Why does that cake look so good!
Ok – but really – today is the our anniversary – YEAH!!! I been writing this blog for one year and it has been really great. Amazingly, people in Nashville are starting to know who I am and refer to my blog for their fashion needs.
Of course, the theme has been changed many times, as well as the layout. I have an ever growing readership and I am so happy to write, it’s my first love. In addition, writing this blog has afforded me to got to several events and meet some very influential people in the fashion industry. Basically, I love this blog and plan on writing for a very long time. Thanks for sticking with me, thanks for telling your friends about me, and thanks for a wonderful year.
What in the future for Fab Glance – well as you can see, I added a staff member, FabGirl Sabrina, and I will definitely be looking for another contributor in the future. FabGlance may be moving to it’s own web portal, which will give me more flexibility in posting and advertising. I will be bringing back some of my more popular segments like 4real Fashion and Man of the Week, and I continue to take your style questions.
So, once again, thanks for making this a FAB first year!
Ms. Lyssa

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